"Bikini Guitar Hero Girl" Rocks Out! writes "In our effort to out-do the overrated "Wii Fit Girl", we're bringing you "Bikini Guitar Hero Girl". Check out this very hot chick in her bikini play Guitar Hero!"

Since it worked for Wii Fit Girl and Playboy's Jo Garcia, might as well give "Bikini Guitar Hero Girl" a shot.

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th3james3713d ago

nice ass, man i love a good butt.

but still a boring video


very sexy but a useless boring spam video

ErcsYou3713d ago

She should pawn her video games and buy some tits instead...

Megatron083713d ago

at least she looks better for the back then that flat butted wii fit girl

Lord Anubis3713d ago

she is over dressed and if girls are going to do that be sure to have a big arse.

madestar3713d ago

what world do you live in???? that ass is flat.. she ugly too

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StrboyM3713d ago

why doesnt someone just have sex while playing wii fit or guitar hero, or any game for that matter, tahts what the allure to these dumb vids are right?

Kami3713d ago

if not then Rule 35.

Megatron083713d ago

actually people have done that well dont know about with wii fit or GH but I use to play everquest and was group once with this couple and all of a sudden they took off and went afk of like 20mins. They made it very obvious what they were doing.

humble_gamer3713d ago

probably take you days to find it

mrjuandrful3713d ago

Got to love the under underwear view!

ChickeyCantor3713d ago

Seriously why do these girls like to slvt world-wide? =/

Fishy803713d ago

cuz they would like to hear ... Oooooh nice a$$
screw them..

ikaris3713d ago

you are just mad because you will never touch something that fine.

Its probably the dumbest marketing ever. But hey, sex sells, its something we've known for ever.
You should be happy shes not digital, and shes actually a real girl.
Oh wait, or.. should you be mad...

You are still holding onto your V-card aren't you?

ChickeyCantor3713d ago

" you are just mad because you will never touch something that fine. "
Actually i already have, thats not the problem =).

I Just think they could have a bit self respect instead of whoring themselves out on the Internet.

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The story is too old to be commented.