I’m a Mega Man diehard, and the Legacy Collection disappoints me

The problem is that Mega Man has much more than six games. It’s fine that the spin-offs (which number in the dozens) aren’t here, but the main Mega Man series has 10 entries (11 if you count Mega Man & Bass, which you should). Including just the first six feels incomplete.

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gangsta_red1285d ago

Very disappointing. This is not how you make a collection. Especially when your past collection for the PS2 had way more content and games.

This is a true example of a quick cash grab playing off of people's nostalgia.

Thank goodness I have the Anniversary Collection for PS2. That is a real collection for Mega Man fans.

XisThatKid1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Your not alone I feel same as the author. I had posted a similar comment on IGN earlier today I'm a huge fan and hope that this gets the support but I'm done with these rerereleases of these games and have them on most handhelds I own I'll invest in something I feel they actually put effort in like MM8 style remeake of all 10+ games or 2.5D remake or something or an actual sequeal. I like the occasional remake or remaster but I've done this way too many times with this franchise. I'm done buying Majoras Mask I'm done buying MM1-8 I'm done with ocarina of time I'm done buying Mario64 redone I'm done with bad versions of Sonic Adventure. This is just my opinion but I just want tjis franchise to move forward or at least get the remakes that I been wanting. I'd rather just wait to see my pledge of Mighty No.9 come to digital reality soon I guess. I'm not Knocking this collection I'm sure some want it and asked for it I'm just not one of them but I hope it sells in a way.
NO I'm not trying to offend NInty fans or anything I hope some may understand what I mean. This is from my own experiences and MY opnion.

comebackkid98911285d ago

A 2.5D remake would be sexy.

Firebird3601285d ago

Also, why digital only. I'd want this on disc.

3-4-51285d ago

* You people all realize there will be a legacy collection 2 with the rest of the games included right ?

gangsta_red1285d ago

Of course there will be which is what makes it even worse.

keegamer801284d ago

Part two or maybe just dlc.

jon2005471284d ago

Relply to 3-4-5 we already seen this before and besides I doubt the legacy 2 would complete that collection they will split them up than probably down the Line a regular collection than the x collection again than maybe the legend collection than the battle network collection the point is we don't want split collections we just want one big complete mega man collection if you're going to give us the old games but also at the same time we are looking for mega man x9 mega man legends 3 we are looking for new mega man games but if we have to get the old ones get all of them in one big collection not in split collections

_-EDMIX-_1284d ago

....I see no one is bring up that this game is being done by the team that was Other Ocean.

Never mind how many games....I would ultimately worry about its quality first off. this team did SF4 ultra on PS4.

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Sitdown1285d ago

If you are a Mega Man Diehard, shouldn't you be disappointed by default? Would somebody be expecting something different?

Godmars2901285d ago

What? Just because of Capcom's failure to support the franchise after all of this time?

darthv721285d ago

Next they will probably announce the remastering of "Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors".

As if that one game alone does not have enough remasters all over the place.

gangsta_red1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

You didn't hear, Capcom just announced a megaton bomb.

A remastered version of Street Fighter 2010: the Final Fight for Xbox One, PS4, 3DS and PC!!

It will included just the one game with no graphical updates since it's already in high resolution as the cover states.

Scatpants1285d ago

Just put all the Mega Man games in one collection and maybe I'll buy it. This I can easily skip.

darthv721285d ago

They did. well for the most part you have 1-8 in the MM anniversary for gc, xbox and ps2. then there is the MM X collection for GC and PS2.

Scatpants1285d ago

Neither of those is of any use to me.

arbitor3651285d ago

Thats like having a "james bond collection" with 4 of the movies.

Yeah, no thanks capcom. By the way, I already have your megaman collection on PS2 and it has more games than this one does

The only possible appeal is if they put trophies in the games.

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