Top 5 Improvements for Witcher 3 (PS4)

Will from Black Oni details a top 5 list of improvements to Witcher 3 that can make it an even greater experience than it already is. What improvements would you like made to one of this years greatest gaming achievements?

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Eidolon1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

I agree with 3 of those.

Path computation is quite off sometimes, often making really weird choices and making it much of a longer path then necessary, especially considering the much improved movement/platforming compared to previous Witcher's.

I think with movement, dead zones and acceleration could be tweaked, and I think it'd be perfect. Movement in water is the worst for me, when combined with interact ing with objects.

Interaction with objects is often annoying, I do as Black Oni has mentioned, have to stop dead in my tracks to interact with objects, you have to literally face them a certain way to get the X option.

I think on Death March and the branching story/quest possibilites, I'm glad that it doesn't auto-save for everything, especially since I try often to have a better result with some fights and reload checkpoints, though maybe it could be an setting/option.

Having to go to sigh posts to fast travel I think helped me discover a tons of new areas I would have never stumbled upon, but I guess some people would like to just speed through everything.

I ploughing love this game, though, already 80hrs in, going for platinum hopefully.

BlackOni1283d ago

I too, am in love with this game. Thanks for your thoughts! I can see how the autosave could cause a hitch in between story quest possibilities for loading them to see the other options. That's why I'm glad there's an option for manual saves as well. My main thing with sign posts, is that you can't fast travel to the ones you already found from anywhere.

aquaticDonut1284d ago

No, Roach is not supposed to go directly to the objective if you hold the sprint button. He will stay on the current path and, at a fork, will make the easiest turn. If you know that a fork is coming up, simply move him to the side of the road closest to the way you want to go and he'll take that turn.

Eidolon1284d ago

Oh, I never follow roads for too long, didn't notice that, haha.

Eidolon1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

It's not close to being bad, not anymore than every game, and framerate is a serious pet peeve of mine. If it happens, it's for like 1-2 seconds, a few stutters here in there, but it's large and dynamic world and assets need to be loaded/rendered etc.

Palitera1283d ago

You actually dont mind about good frame rate then.