Apple Announces Metal for Mac, Makes Games run 10x Faster

Apple made the announcement at its Worldwide Developers Conference today

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MoveTheGlow1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Well, okay, 10 times faster on a Mac, which isn't saying much because of past performance. It's something that should have happened about 10 *years* ago, but it's welcome. Playing Geometry Wars 3 on iPhone is just perfect, 60fps, due to Metal.

3-4-51204d ago

* 10x faster for machines that run games 10x slower means they can run normal games now.

Still won't be the same as PC.

I own both PC & Mac. Love my Mac for making music, but it's terrible for games. It was outdated for gaming the second I bought it.

starchild1204d ago

So true. Macs are great for home studios/making music, but I can't take them very seriously as a platform for gaming. Inadequate performance along with a poor selection of games are the things that hold the platform back.

freshslicepizza1204d ago

can you imagine how much a mac would cost equipped with a gtx 980 ti card?

torchic1204d ago

why are Macs great for making music?

UltraNova1204d ago


As much as your car, house and probably the dog as well.

inveni01204d ago


Macs are better for all sorts of things like making music and video, in part because their performance is more stable and the OS handles these things better than Windows ever has. I do virtually all of my programming on a PC, but my MacBook Pro is sitting right under a mounted monitor, hooked up to an HDMI switch so that I can go back and forth if there is anything special I need to do with music or video.

RedTriangle531204d ago

They aren't. The operating system is designed for morons, and have none of the more advanced settings, leaving you going back and forth forever to fix a minor problem, eventually finding out that the system refresh rate can only be changed under midi settings, which is found in an obscure part of the options menu, which has the absolute worst layout you can imagine.

All in all, trying to work with sound on a mac proves to be more trying to get things to work than actual progress. Often you need to google the problems because there is just no rational solution, and it turns out dozens of people are having the exact same problem, trying to find a basic setting for which device to use for playback.

garrettbobbyferguson1204d ago

Even in regards to music that is arguable now a days. True, Macs come with Garageband, but there are so many alternatives now to use. Cubase, Reaper, Pro Tools (although I don't always suggest this).

3-4-51204d ago

* My macbook pro I bought in 2007...the day I bought it could NOT run games from like 2003.

It struggled to run Warcraft 3 without shutting down or overheating, yet I could run 80+ tracks in Logic Pro no problem.

Macs are weird like that.

Have a PC to game though.

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kneon1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Any time you can get a 10x improvement with a software update it means your previous software must have been
utterly atrocious.

Intranquill1204d ago

10 years ago? Gaming on a PC via Steam wasn't even as popular as gaming is now 10 years ago. That's a huge exaggeration. Developers are making Mac clients more than ever now, and the adoption rate of a Mac is rising. It's certainly not as large as Windows but it's certainly no Linux.

SteamPowered1204d ago

Linux may make a comeback with SteamOS coming in November. Ill definitely give it a go on my gaming Pc. Dual boot if I need to.

kingliam31205d ago

Now that's a sensationalist headline. That 10x needs some context.

bicfitness1205d ago

It really isn't if you've been following the absurdly sensational DX12 news-bytes.

SpaceRanger1205d ago

No truer words have ever been said on this site.

nicksetzer11205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

People have been having major fits over claims of 30-50% increase claims. This is claiming a 1000% increase.

Weird how you can't see the difference......

10x faster is clearly neither accurate or possible in the way the title would have you assume. (A 10x increase all around) So what is increasing by 1000%? And what proof do they even have? This seems like a direct lie no matter how you slice it.

kevnb1204d ago

an api built especially for osx and mac hardware can't possibly work much better than opengl on a mac?

kneon1204d ago


"This seems like a direct lie no matter how you slice it."

Well it is Apple. so why should we expect anything other than blatant lies?

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LifeInNZ1205d ago

Since when does anything Apple announce need context...and since when do the masses who buy into Apple care about context?

1205d ago
N0TaB0T1205d ago

It seems like no one looks past the brand label.

That's par for the course of today's tech culture.

Ark_1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Apples are tasty ... but mine never announced anything to me :/

Edit: ... nor cared about context. ;)

rainslacker1204d ago

I see hipsters becoming huge gamers soon. Their reason, games are just so much better on Mac than PC and Apple has once again revolutionized the world by making gaming possible on a home computer, which they don't own anyways because computers are bad for the environment unlike phones or tables that get replaced every year or two. My guess...they play whatever game happens to just start advertising on TV, but has been out for over 2+ years or more.

The Mac master race is annoyed.

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kevnb1204d ago

something that currently uses opengl will perform up to 10x using metal... is that really hard to conceive?

bmf73641204d ago

Epic and Crytek had tech demos on an iPhone with the Metal API of UE4 and CE4. If the API allowed current-gen level console performance on an iPhone, a Mac will see much better

Zeref1204d ago

Welcome to the 21st century where most journalists have a raging boner for Apple products.

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Grap1205d ago

If you said this thing 10 years ago maybe i will be impressed. this thing should have come ages ago.

Sy_Wolf1205d ago

You know this came outbrgore DX12 was announced right?

LordDhampire1204d ago

U know dx12 came about because mantle right?

RevXM1204d ago

@ LordDhampire
I reckon DX12 came about because there was a DX11 before it. ;)

Sy_Wolf1204d ago

@LordDhampire Irrelevant, they're talking about low level APIs. DX11 was the worst version in terms of resources and layers of abstraction. Metal, what they're talking about that boosts the performance, is a low level API which came out before Mantle and DX12.

JasonKCK1204d ago

"I reckon DX12 came about because there was a DX11 before it. ;)"

This ^^^ is how you do it.

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morganfell1205d ago

Hey, don't shortchange people. Its Candy Crush Saga and we know that is 10X better than Candy Crush...

Volkama1205d ago

Careful what you say. Their lawyers are probably searching to see if they have a case to sue you right now. They own the word "candy" in 47 different countries.

mixelon1204d ago

Have you looked at Steam or the Mac Appstore on OSX lately? Its doing okay for itself.

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