Gamestop Slowly Bringing Wave 4, Splatoon Amiibo in Stock

Throughout the last hour, Gamestop has been slowly putting up amiibo from the Wave 4 and Splatoon sets back online.

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CaptainN1256d ago

How about putting out more of Ness...and no, throwing him in Amiibo bundles doesnt count !!

godmachine1255d ago

don't even bother preordering from gamestop...I paid for the entire wave 2 and since I didn't pick up the sparaticly released figures within 2 days after release they sold them off...never called me to pick them up just sold what was already mine .when I eventually saw shulk on ebay I called to see when I could pick it up they became ignorant little je^k offs and they acted like it was my fault for not knowing extremely random street dates [email protected] GAMESTOP entirely I buy nothing from there now ...cant wait till they crash n burn