The UEFA Champions League Deserves A Stand-Alone Video Game

BidnessEtc: The biggest soccer competition in the world deserves a stand-alone game worthy of its spectacle and grandeur.

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madmonkey011284d ago

sure EA would love the chance to reskin the current version of fifa and sell it to everyone again as a new game part way through the season.

hennessey861284d ago

the champions league is a journey through a full season, firstly actually getting into the champions league by finishing high enough in your respective league and then playing in the competition itself. A stand alone game wouldn't work.

warrior821284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

I know enough about football my friend as well as the games. there was one back in 2006-07 by EA Sports which was the last one they did...clearly you don't know anything about that!

Brisco1284d ago

There has been a cl stand alone game. Still got it

Horny1284d ago

Pes kind of focuses on it already.