Mega Man Legacy Collection screenshots released

Neil writes "Mega Man Legacy Collection has been announced and Capcom have released a number of screenshots."

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MilkMan918d ago

You gotta be kidding me.

darthv72918d ago

wow that looks just like how I remember playing it.

Yesterday in fact on my NES.

Moldiver918d ago

I haven't played any of these in years. Ill probably be picking this up.

gangsta_red918d ago

No thanks Capcom...

I got the full Mega Man collection (without 9 and 10 of course) for the PS2...which I can play on my BC PS3.

MasterCornholio918d ago

I wouldn't made a remake of Megamen Legends and Troll Boner in a nice collection for next gen systems.

WizzroSupreme918d ago

Well, guess it's better than nothing...

Harkins1721918d ago

"Legacy" would have been all of Mega Man and all of X games.

TWB918d ago

Agreed, would have loved that. I want to play all the X ones but its pretty damn hard to get your hands on the games legitimately (X collection was never released in the europe)

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