Everything to Expect from the Microsoft Xbox Conference at E3 2015

Microsoft and the Xbox team had a pretty rough start when it came to launching the Xbox One. Their first E3 presentation after the launch of their highly anticipated console left a bit to be desired, and added to the confusion surrounding both the machine and the company behind it. Ever since Phil Spencer has taken the helm of the Xbox division, he’s slowly been steering the ship towards a much brighter future.

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t-hall7851259d ago

I wonder how much hololens will be integrated into the xbox ecosystem. I'm definitely geeked from what i've seen. hopefully they can keep it affordable. but if surface is any indication then...well damn.

lameguy1258d ago

It will be expensive. I wouldn't think of it as a normal consumer or even pro-sumer devices early on.

It's a full PC packed in a tiny little device. Look up Google Glass's price (which doesn't include the smartphone it takes to run it) for comparison.

kraenk121258d ago

It will be even more expensive than a Surface as the technology like CPU, GPU and VPU and sensors will be very expensive. The HoloLens is not meant for the typical consumer ergo XBox gamer. It will mostly be used in the professional field.

Elit3Nick1258d ago

It's an HPU (Holographic Processing Unit), not VPU

helterskelter1259d ago

I want to hear more about XBOX on PC. That is where the action is going to be, the power of DX12 and the XBOX Live ecosystem with the might of BEAST PC's is the only direction that makes sense for Microsoft!

optimus1259d ago

Personally, i would like to see them really use "the power of the cloud" and backup what they said at last year's E3. Like i want to see a current game actually become better because of the cloud power. Whether it's graphics or some kind of level interaction, not some corny dlc upgrade.

Bubiii1258d ago

Not gonna happen. They'll just promise more new stuff that's never gonna happen. I believe it's called "sugar coating".

optimus1258d ago

Maybe so but you forget that there's a new sheriff in town who admitted he didn't like the way the xb1 was introduced and is indeed a gamer himself and not some ivy league graduate with a suit getting paid top dollar to run a company the way he "thinks" it should be run... The new sheriff (phil spencer) has managed to steer the xb1 in the right direction so i'm inclined to buy into what he will say at this year's E3.

Svinya1258d ago

And I believe what you're doing is called "Trolling". Well done.

Phill-Spencer1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

@ optimus
Phil spencer is lucky because his predecessor messed up big time.
It's like with george bush and obama. The first f*** everything up and then there is one who's promising a change and the people are screaming from the roof that their savior his here lol. In fact phil only has to do the opposite of the previous intended and folks will see as a sucess while waving their flag while he hasn't done anything special.

poppinslops1258d ago

Drivatars are pretty cool - better than regular AI... and Crackdown is said to be using cloud processing for complex, large-scale destruction (check out the 'Cloudgine' demo).

A while back I read about a developer that was using cloud processing to calculate wind physics.
The idea was to achieve a realistic look as the breeze passed through a forest - Individual branches and leaves would bend and sway relative to the wind's direction and their proximity to the forest's edge.
According to the dev, it worked beautifully... that said, I don't know if it was part of an upcoming game or just a tech-demo, but it's encouraging to see a variety of ways in which to use cloud processing.

Svinya1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I guess you never played Forza 5? Its AI used the cloud and very well, too. They drive like real people.

mark_parch1258d ago

I think they will show crackdown which is rumoured to have massive destruction only possible with the cloud.

ShowanW1258d ago

@Optimus... ^^^ THIS ^^^

Thank you... Couldn't have said it better myself...

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DillyDilly1258d ago

Whoever has Shia LaBeouf deliver a motivation speech at E3 wins E3

FYIIR1258d ago

I sure wish I could read an article about Xbox without the articles' introduction highlighting the unsuccessful intro of the X1.. they are doing exactly what they set out to do.. their OS is amazing.. they are really making a lot of useful improvements.. the only downside are the graphics but as I'm Micro-pro.. that's nothing new to me