CD Projekt Red Teaches You How to Play Gwent in The Witcher 3 to Make it Fun

EB: CD Projekt Red has released an in-depth video for Gwent, which is the playable card game featured in The Witcher 3. If you’re like me you probably haven’t enjoyed playing Gwent in the game, because its rules and strategies are quite odd. More often than not I find myself getting frustrated with the game and quitting to end the match as soon as possible, because I never truly know what is going on and which strategies to play.

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ps4fanboy1228d ago

Love Gwent , doesn't need a guide , everything is explained in game.

rdgneoz31228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

It's easy and starts off simple, with a little luck on the draw. Obviously it'll be hard if you choose not to read what certain cards do (R2 or RT to view card description), or don't learn when to pass your turn (don't use all your cards in 1 round, you have to win 2 to beat the NPC).

The beginning merchants, innkeepers, and such are not too hard, though the high stakes mission (Sasha and her spies / decoys...) and some of the harder gwent quests can be tricky.

Roccetarius1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I love it when i get my spies / decoys and maybe some scorch in there with boost cards and bond cards. The cards alone usually don't give many points, but put them together with the same cards and it definitely goes up.

When i see my opportunity to truly play the opponent, i won't hesitate. :P

Gwent needs a standalone version.

PS: The maximum i won against an opponent with was 201 i think.

Mega241228d ago

Man, they should release Gwent as a standalone game, or introduce multiplayer. It's really fun to play, then forget what you were doing before challenging someone to play Gwent!

Eidolon1228d ago

Yeah it's really fun, missed a lot of cards though. Going to get every single PS trophy besides the Gwent ones, and do a Gwent playthrough beating everyone and collecting all the cards.

Roccetarius1228d ago

I believe i've gotten every card so far in places i've been, but two times i just got coins or an item instead of a card. Maybe it was just a random card i already had all of.

Eidolon1228d ago

Supposedly there is a few quests that have you play to win cards you can't get any other way.

aquaticDonut1228d ago

I really wish there was more Gwent in the game, or even better, multiplayer. I just beat Tybalt and now I can't find anyone else in the game to provide a challenge.

InTheZoneAC1228d ago

a guide to gwent when the game tells you everything you need to know?

after getting smacked a few times I feel like I can easily take on similarly leveled decks, but when they pull out those 10 cards or draw more cards from the deck with the same name I'm screwed because I don't have any...

GusBricker1228d ago

The AI putting that commander's horn on the siege row was utterly useless. If it puts it on the melee row, it wins.

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