This is what makes good video game characters

GotGame writes: There's two things at the heart of every great character.

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SonyOnly41256d ago

I know that doesn't make good video game characters.....Every studio under Activi$ion

Magicite1256d ago

Blizzard does, warcraft and diablo got some of the best/memorable characters in video games.

Ultr1256d ago

why the disagrees? somebody doesn't know some of the best characters in history of everything!

MilkMan1256d ago

Facial hair every time.

WizzroSupreme1256d ago

Inner struggles and character conflict does it for me. Joel, John Marston, Drake, Big Boss, Ezio, Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright – all of them question what it means to do what they do and lose their way right before they find it again. That's what makes an epic journey in a game for me.

TheEspiownage1256d ago

Internal struggles are one thing that makes great characters, but also a sense of being relatable. It's good to have a character that can feel like an extension of a real person. Lara Croft in the recent Tomb Raider had huge advancements in her character, one that was lacking for quite some time. Then you have characters that are less relatable but just a deep complexity to them that still makes them fun and likeable. Fire Emblem: Awakening may have used a lot of cliche anime personalities, but they added a sense of depth and heart to them to make it one of the best cast of characters to date. The thing about them though is it's easy to miss if you skip support conversations and such.


I believe the telltale made the best video game characters to date in the TWD

linkenski1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

It's all in the character motivations and resonating with emotions we go through in real life. All of this are the building blocks of a good plot too.