CDPR Responds To Witcher 3 PS4 Graphics Downgrade Claims Post Patch 1.04, Patch 1.06 Incoming & More

A number of bug fixes are on the way.

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Lionalliance1283d ago

IS bug after bug with each patch.

jivah1283d ago


Otherwise I'm assuming you're asking a question and leaving out the question mark.

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joab7771283d ago

It's tough in these open world games. Bethesda has made a ton of them, and there's still always alot of them. This is their 1st open world game, and they are staying on top of it. I'm happy.

And it looks fine to me.

IVanSpinal1283d ago

Maybe because it was delayed

die_fiend1283d ago

Looks fine is an understatement - this game looks better than almost any linear game, but is open world. This is where things like 'Fallout 4 graphics look terrible' come from, because this looks incredible - look at the character graphics and compare that to that trailer and you'll see why people are massively underwhelmed for something that's releasing in the future. The game will be very good, but still should look better

raggy-rocket1283d ago

Was never really interested in this game, but it's got so many good reviews, should I pick it up? I loved skyrim and fallout, just wondering if this is worth a purchase.

gameseveryday1283d ago

You should pick up this game. It's the experience of this generation.

UnHoly_One1283d ago

Hard to say without knowing what kind of combat you like in your RPGs.

I wanted to love the game but the combat is too slow and clunky for me. I hate it.

Not sure what else to compare it to, except maybe Demons/Dark Souls a little bit?

tmh35931283d ago

Lol id hate to know the games you think have good combat.

UnHoly_One1283d ago

It's not even that I think the combat is "bad". I just personally don't care for it.

That's why I said that it's hard to say if he'd like it without knowing what kind of combat he likes.

WellyUK1283d ago

It's got better combat than ES and Fallout can't see how anyone can say that those games have good combat when they don't ES just feels like your swinging at nothing and fallout is insanely clunky and feels like a terrible fps.

pivotplease1283d ago

I'll agree that fallout and TES have pretty bad combat, but there has always been something exhilaratingly comical about swing a weapon at someone like a madman while jumping like a freak. You do not want to hate the combat when you do it all the time though. Its the reason alongside an oversaturation of fetch quests that I couldn't get into DA:I.

UnHoly_One1283d ago

Different strokes for different folks, WellyUK.

I love both of those games, combat included. I also love games like Dragons Dogma and Kingdoms of Amalur.

Souls series and Witcher just doesn't do it for me. It's not because they are "hard" either, they are just terribly slow for my taste. I don't like the slow methodical combat.

There's no right or wrong here, I was just trying to answer the guy's question by pointing out that the combat might be an issue depending on his taste.

UnHoly_One1283d ago

One thing I forgot to add that is a big thumbs down to me is the lack of character class customization.

What I mean by that is that although you have a wide variety of skills to choose between, Geralt is essentially always going to be a "Warrior" class.

You can't be a "mage" or a "rogue", not really.

So for somebody that loves the freedom of being any kind of character you want in a game like Skyrim, this could be a downside.

As a guy that is always 100% mage on my first run of every RPG, it's a major hurdle for me knowing that isn't even an option.

showtimefolks1283d ago

If you like skyrim I say go for it. I am more of a fallout guy so I do like witcher and enjoy it but I wish the combat was better

Cd project red are awesome. And other developers should Take notice on how you fix the Game and how to treat your fans the right way

Bathyj1283d ago

After going from Bloodborn to this, I have to say the combat and controls in general are much more satisfying in Bloodborn. Witcher feels very clunky. Fighting a few foes always has you locked on to the worng one. I'm thinking its better not to lock on but sometimes you dont even realise when youve done it.

Even lining up objects to loot is a chore and gets real annoying sometimes. And dont get me started on the horse. God its cumbersome. I just find myself fighting with the controls more than I would have liked when Bloodborn controlled like a dream to me.

I'm still loving the game but, I just think its a tad overrated. The missions are a bit better that most RPGs but it still all feels like Oh please kind Sir, I needs me a bucket to feed my pigs, can you find me one from somewhere? just like all other games of this type. And the combat is better than Skyrim if that helps, not slashing at paper targets so its still a great game and worth playing.

Rare1282d ago

you need to allow time to get used to different styles...

when I was a kid I was allot like you, I'd pick up the controller and if it didn't feel just right, I'd say the game sucks and move on.

now I give things time, and surprisingly I end up loving games I didn't think I'd like after the first hour.

the witcher 3 combat is different and rather challenging at times, but if you give it time, you'll end up enjoying it 😀

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Grap1283d ago

Best Game This gen so far.

Letthewookiewin1283d ago

It's dam good but I think Bloodborne is still the game that holds the title for now.

user74029311283d ago

Bloodborne is 1000 times better imo.

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wsoutlaw871283d ago

I never thought I'd like something more than the souls series, so i am a huge fan of bloodborne. It just wasn't the same great experience throughout and the vast majority of boss I could beat my 2nd try. It started off great but didn't maintain that or carry through to ng+ very well. I was able to beat the game on ng++ for the platinum on mine and my friends game in 3 hours. If they would have done more with pvp and kept some of what made ds1 so great it could have been better. Don't get me wrong, bloodborne is easily my 2nd favorite by far, but the witcher is just the better game.

Mr Lahey1282d ago

Yeah, it's a great open world rpg and all. But Bloodborne is sooo much better imho. Different experiences, but if we talk about goty, BB is easily the winner.

TedCruzsTaint1282d ago


Opinions are opinions. And while they can be argued, you can't tell anyone what to think.

That said, knowing you, if Witcher 3 were a PS exclusive, you would be singing a different tune. Then again, that's just my educated opinion.

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theXtReMe11283d ago

If you love those games, you're going to love this one even more. It is the best open world RPG, I feel, that has ever been made. The visuals are so good, they suck you into the world. You learn to care for the characters and your actions affect everything from story, to the game world and on a superficial level. It makes you feel like each action you are making in the game has consequences, both good and bad. No other game before this one went so deeply into story interaction. In Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout... Your choices would affect a few story arcs and maybe a town in the game world, but not like The Witcher 3, where even the simplest of conversations you have with a non story related NPC, can have reprecusions down the line.

You can clear monsters or wildlife out of an abandoned town and watch people start to slowly populate that town. Bringing life back to what was once lost forever. It makes you truly consider every move you make in the game. Which also makes you care about the world around you and the people who populate it.

I don't think a lot of people really understand how deep the gameplay goes and the effect that their actions have. There are 30+ endings, all affected by your actions throughout. Both small and large. your relationships with people go a long way into how your future plays out in the game.

if you can take one thing away from this game, it is that it allows you to play the way you want to… and be the character you want NPCs to see and talk about. You start the game with most peoples opinions of Witchers being very low, but you can change that throughout the game to make an entire village love you and cherish your existence. Because if it wasn't for you, they may not be prospering or alive.

Buy it. You wont regret it.

baodeus1283d ago

Sound like CDProjeck got inspiration from Fable game.

But got to say, the witcher series is one of the best Rpg out there no doubt.

pivotplease1283d ago could probably get hired on as a sales rep at CDPR. Or at the very least, you could be the person to write the paragraph on the back of the box that is supposed to sell you on how epic the game is lol. I already know the guy that does the art on the front for most of the big games (really just organizes and lays out assets he's given) so why not?


Im usually a Racer/FPS type of gamer, This game I feel will go down in my top 10 best games of all time.

Now Im no "Pro Gamer" by any means, my top 5 games are Zelda: OoT, Halo (original), GTA3, Mario 64 and MGS:2

The feels I get from this game and how dark the story can be is amazing and keeps me intrigued unlike other open world games which dialogue is usually meh.

Im only lvl 9 but this game is AMAZING so far, Im playing on the normal difficulty and it took me over an hour last night to kill a werewolf that was a couple lvl's higher than me, until I figured out I could make a useful stack out of an Igni Place of power to enhance my fire sign, use a potion that made stamina regenerate faster, craft an oil to help deal more damage for beast, and place a mutagen for the right skills for a werewolf made the fight MUCH easier! This game has so much depth (to me lol) and im taking a while to learn this Fantasy RPG elements im not use too, but it's a blast!

slappy5081283d ago

This game is worth every Oren...

lotusaurusrex1283d ago

I nearly passed just because of Giant RPG fatigue, and that's still kinda true for me, but the overall experience is really well done.

It's almost one of those games that you should play just because they got so many things right.

Yes, there are serious bugs still getting fixed but they're responding fairly quickly and with humor. It's hard not to appreciate the effort they're putting into getting it right.

If you liked Skyrim and Fallout then you'll almost certainly like this one a lot.

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BlackOni1283d ago

Yes. One of my favorite games this current generation, and I'd go as far as to say last gen too. Not far enough to say for certain, but I'm loving it, and I really really enjoyed both skyrim and fallout. Think Skyrim and Dragon Age, but with a defined existing character, decision making that changes the world state. Super well done game man

Takwin1283d ago

If you loved Skyrim, you will shit yourself for The Witcher 3. *Inb4 you need some air freshener and a change.*

jholden32491283d ago

Yes, totally. This game and Splatoon. Only games one needs.

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nikrel1283d ago

Fps needs a boost, starter area was fine but when you reach the bog it really bogs down.

Ezz20131283d ago

and the stutter in Novigrad need to be fixed
it got worse after 1.05

other than that
the game is awesome