Project CARS - Fatal Flaw in an Otherwise Unmatched Realistic Simulator

In this article, Inferno217 from the 4GuysWithQuarters describes why Project CARS from Slight Mad Studios (specifically the Xbox One version) was the best game he'd ever traded in within weeks of release, and you'd be surprised to find out that it wasn't the because of the initial Xbox One controller woes. This piece discusses the rise from a mere idea with lofty goals in 2011 to a crowdfunded complete racer in 2015, and how Slightly Mad has shown a commitment to creating the highest quality simulation experience. However, Inferno believes that with this one issue still plaguing the game (both Xbox One and PS4 versions tested), this studio will not steal market share from the Forza and Gran Turismo franchises, even with superior realism.

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aaron58291260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

driving the car is not an issue... i have no problems negotiating turns... my real issue is with certain cars you drive, if hit by the AI, your car will just flip, even from the slightest touch. Or, in career mode, when you done your settings in practice mode, you cant save it, in qualy you have to retune all over again. Or the AI doesn't suffer grip loss when it starts to rain etc... but the trick to sims are, know your braking points... we cant really feel how fast or slow the car is going in any sims, because well, we are not in the cars.

Inferno2171260d ago

I agree with most of this except for the part about feeling the speed. I realize that playing video games is not the same as being inside of the car, but playing racing simulators gives you an impression of the speed of the car visually. Specifically, the speed of items in the peripheral passing by is what I mean in the article about "speed sense," and in this game I feel that the problem is this "realization" of speed. Of course, you don't "feel" anything sitting in your chair, but you can associate a certain amount of movement with speed in these games, and the point I was making is that in this game it isn't accurate and/or similar to that of other popular simulation franchises. One could definitely argue that it isn't accurate in other games and that this game is truer to life, but the majority of gamers are unlikely to honestly know this. Point here is that, because it doesn't feel similar to other proven racing sim franchises, Slightly Mad Studios is going to unfairly lose gamers that would otherwise love this game.

Menacingtrees1259d ago

This is complete bogus. Maybe if you didn't spend so much time writing an article about a "flaw" and instead fiddled with the incredible amount of settings the game gives you, you'd realize that it gives you multiple options to custom tailor the feel of speed the game gives you, at what speed, for how long and how it reacts to camera movements. I never once noticed any of the problems you mentioned. Maybe you're just a terrible driver. Stop comparing the game to every other driving game you've played and accept that it's something different entirely. Your argument holds no water.

urwifeminder1260d ago

Some things Asseto does better but all in all Project is great and will only get better if patched , the dreaded witches hat of concrete pit glitch gets me on Bathurst a lot.

wheeler011260d ago

I think (even though it would be best avoided), crashing is not realistic! I have never seen a car leave the ground, then come down with a thump and practically stop dead ... Not unless the Hulk was stood in front of it!!

I like the game, but do not think (for the amount of time it was developed over and all the delays) it improves much over Assetto Corsa. It does look a better ad weather etc is good to have, but it isn't quite the complete package I was hoping it would be!

Rarefaction1260d ago

Ahahahahah this guy is complaining because he's no good at racing.

The article basically says that because it's realistic it is difficult to stay on the track. What a joke.

Khajiit861260d ago

I do find it kind of easy to slide and spin out in turns and its really hard to regain control of the car, usually end up doing a 180 and have to restart, but just avoid those moments and the cars drive great.

Inferno2171260d ago

When staying on the track is the point of the game, and it is significantly more difficult to do so that other popular and established racing franchises, then I think it is fair to have issue with the game enough to warrant this article.

I'm not saying in this article that it is realistic so you fly off the course. I'm saying that the problem is with the accuracy/realization of speed sense, not with the realism. I commend the game for its realism, and thus think it is unfortunate that such an issue can turn prospective buyers off.

TheBrownBandito1260d ago

Somebody needs to teach this guy about motor racing. :/

The wider the field of view (circuit racing) the lower the sensation of speed....until you reach a corner lol!

Notice how DriveClub tends to have closed in track perimeters, embankments, trees etc. That's why it feels faster. Just like rallying. Project cars is predominately circuit based, which feels slower, but quite obviously isn't.

I had to laugh at the comment about having to look at the speedo. I wonder if that makes it difficult for him to drive in real life too?

philm871260d ago

He's complaining because he says it feels like he's going 30 when he's actually doing 60? Probably using the out of car camera view then.

Also the downforce of the car won't have as much impact at lower speeds, which is why it can feel easier to stick to the track at the high speed corners. You shouldn't really complain about a game that achieves what it sets out to do and is advertised to do.

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