The Koalition's E3 Predictions – EA Press Conference

The Koalition writes:

"With this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo fast approaching, the time has come for us to make a few predictions about what we expect to see and what we hope will be announced in Los Angeles during the most important time of the year for the video game industry.

Here are some of our predictions for what EA will show during EA’s E3 2015 Press Conference."

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Venomousfatman1288d ago

I would not be surprised if their whole conference is Star Wars themed. I wouldn't blame them, even with all of their other titles in the work. A lot of people are going to watch because of Battlefront and the Visceral title.

sagesurge1288d ago

Star Wars...Star Wars everywhere!

rbailey1287d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to the conference where every game shown will be a concept rather than a finished game.