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curtis921261d ago

Is this franchise stuck in a rut or what... How long has it been now since it's been a relevant franchise? It's now the musical equivalent of old bands hitting the casino scene, playing their stuff from days long gone in an attempt to sell off of nostalgia. No new hits in a long time.

Asuka1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I believe so. The last 2 games in the franchise (5 & 6) weren't exactly what I call RE imo. Plus, Resident Evil 0 and Resident 1 have been remade/remastered like twice each now on numerous platforms. At this point it really is just rehashing imo

TheROsingleB1261d ago

RE:0 was only ever on the Game Cube, same with the RE1 remake, until the recent re-remaster for PC/XB1/PS4/PS3/360.
People who had a Game Cube certainly had these titles, as they were a big draw for the more mature Game Cube owners at the time, but most everyone else missed out when they were first released.

Asuka1261d ago


RE0 was originally on the N64 i believe, and RE1 was on ps1. There was also a DS remake for RE1 i think????

TheROsingleB1261d ago

Nope. RE2 made it to the N64 (With EXPANSION PAK SUPPORT!!!) and none of the others.
The DS had it's own version of the original Resident Evil (Deadly Silence), with a first-person perspective when you went to knife at stuff, using the second screen to swipe. So to your point, technically, yes this is RE1 being remade for another platform.
If we want to get deep, I had some weird ass gimped version of Resident Evil 2 on an old LG phone, and my old Tiger handheld. :)

jb2271261d ago

I agree...the only way I can see these remasters being justified is if they are attempting to trim the unruly continuity of RE by eliminating the later games from the canon & having the next proper sequel continue on from these earlier stories. RE just went in too many directions, new strains, new characters w/ crazier & crazier skill sets, pointless co op inclusions. The story is basically a joke at this point, if they are serious about taking it back to its survival horror roots, it would be a good call to get back to something more plausible & understandable.

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user74029311261d ago

thnk my lord and savior jesus christ for putting it in the hearts of these creators to make this game for me.

eddieistheillest1261d ago

The only game of the good R.E. era that I never got to play . I'm stoked for this .

Massacred1261d ago

Glad to see that Capcom are starting to make some strides in the right direction.

comebackkid98911261d ago

So many fans and nothing to show for it.

hennessey861261d ago

play a onimusha 1 2 and 3 remaster

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The story is too old to be commented.