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vork77918d ago

oh look not a game megaman game

Massacred918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

Still, this is a step in the right direction for Capcom. Bringing out old titles that people have been asking to be released for a while now is hardly something to be mad over.

And at least they are moving in the right direction with Resident Evil 1 remake, Resident Evil 0 etc. . .unlike Konami

By the by, anyone think it's strange that this was announced before E3? I would have expected to see something like this is the middle of the Sony conference or something.

vork77918d ago

has fans ask for rerelease because all i seen fans ask for is megeman legends 3 and re2 hd and devil may cry 5

darthv72918d ago

"Still, this is a step in the right direction for Capcom. Bringing out old titles that people have been asking to be released for a while now is hardly something to be mad over."

It seems those who are asking are not bright enough to do their own research as these games (mega man in particular) are readily available on a plethora of platforms. Especially in a nice "anniversary edition" with a couple of extra games.

so yeah... the problem with something like this is it's not going to attract "new" fans as today's youth literally has no sense of nostalgia or even the patience to play these games.

People want to call it fan service, well the fans pretty much already have them in some form or another. If they want to do something different with theses 6 games in particular... let them do it in a style like nintendo did with super mario all stars. not just a bit for bit port but a full on remake with 16-bit style graphics.

Seriously if MM fans want to play these games, they can in so many ways it's not even funny. It's like Capcom is trying to replace Atari as having games remastered and re-released on the most console generations.

NukaCola918d ago

Colin Moriarty is smiling

3-4-5918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

* They did this before on Gamecube/PS2 where they released the 8-bit games and then a 2nd collection with the SNES/PS1 games.

* Good start though.

vork77918d ago

but the game on gamecube and ps2 had more games

darthv72918d ago

and don't forget the xbox version of the anniversary was a blend of the the gc and ps2 in terms of bonus content.

lizard81288918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

I agree vork77. This has LESS content than a game from 10 years ago.

Would it have been so hard add all of this stuff, plus Megaman 7-10, Megaman racing, and the 2 fighting games, & The Megaman World series (GameBoy Megamans, which are different from the NES games).

I could maybe understand if they remade them in HD, similar to Megaman in Smash, but this seems like a very lazy effort on their part.

Neonridr918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

well at least Capcom was nice enough to bring it to the 3DS so I will definitely pick it up there. However it would have been nice to have it on my Wii U. Although I guess most of the titles exist already on the VC, but this would have been a much more attractive package at a better price point - I find the VC titles to be a tad expensive.

darthv72918d ago

Just get the MM Anniversary collection on either the cube, xbox or PS2. All of them had been cleaned up and play great. The xbox version looks really sharp on a 360. The Ps2 looks good through a BC PS3 and of course the cube plays great on a Wii via component.

Or are those options just too easy for people to go?

Man i swear this gen is like that time in the late 90's and early 2000's when music companies were remastering all the same songs they remastered already. but just putting them into different collections. you can only take so many renditions of 'Every rose has it's thorn' and they all sound the same no matter which disc it's on.

mikel1015918d ago

So everyone knows, it's Megaman classic 1-6, none of the SNES games, no X series

Software_Lover918d ago

That Sucks.

sidenote: I would love to have all the original Mega Man games remade with todays graphics. Kind of like what they did with Bionic Commando, just better lol. Same scrolling gameplay just updated graphics and effects.

Lionalliance918d ago

Why not a Wii U or Vita version?!

eddieistheillest918d ago

This would be perfect for vita.

izumo_lee918d ago

The Vita technically already have the 8 bit Megaman games as psone classics, albeit the Japanese versions of them.

theshredded918d ago

wow,capcom really hates psvita & wiiu

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