PvZ: GW2 shouldn't be Xbox exclusive

GGG argues why EA's sequel to last year's Plants vs Zombies spin off should not be a timed Xbox One exclusive.

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iTechHeads1286d ago

It won't be, EA and MS seem to have had a falling out. That "unprecended partnership" seems to no longer be in effect.

cartoonx11286d ago

seems like they still have tht partnership going on.

jmac531286d ago

That has nothing to do with a partnership. If anything it's a licensing deal expiring.

dancerOfDeath1286d ago

Cant imagine it was much of a "falling out", if Garden Warfare 2 has it's world premier on the MS stage at E3.

I think you're dramatically overstating things, there.

mhunterjr1286d ago

What falling out? Your gonna have to explain yourself when you make wild claims...

iTechHeads1286d ago

Long story short, EA bet on Microsoft being the winner this gen, they quickly realized they were wrong and started being al lnice to Sony.

Examples: PvZ Garden Warfare free for all Playstaiton owners last year for a few days during E3. Battlefield Hardline beta exclusively on PS4.

EA hasn't exactly ditched Microsoft, but they're not showing flat-out favoritism anymore because of Xbox One's unfavorable position in the market.

That's the falling out I'm talking about.

(Feel free to disagree away little N4G creepers.)

Volkama1286d ago

Where did you get that from? I do wonder about MS and Activision, but not heard any rumblings about trouble between them and EA...

TheGreatGamer1286d ago

What a fanatical claim with zero evidence, MS and EA continue to have a strong partnership

3-4-51286d ago

PvZ:Gw is my favorite shooter this gen.

Can't wait to play PvZ 2.

NeoGamer2321286d ago

EA has really had a falling out with MS...

EA Access only on Xbox One, Peggle 2 timed exclusive on XBox One, PvZ GW 1 timed exclusive on Xbox One, Dragon's Age DLC first on Xbox One, Titanfall funded and console exclusive to Xbox One...

If that's a falling out I hope MS has the same falling out with all publishers!

mhunterjr1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I'm sorry, that's not falling out...

EA is a third party publisher. They make money selling games on all platforms. They don't need to "side with a winner" to make a profit. Their attatchment rates on each platform are nearly identical, so it really wouldn't matter to them, which console was in first place... Any unit they expected to get from Xbox, is simply being purchased on Playstation instead...

The "partnership" you're talking about really didn't extend further than TitanFall (which probably wouldn't have existed without MS involvement), which was the only EA exclusive in recent memory.

EA was never anything but 'nice' to Sony. Since the start of this generation, EA has been doing marketing deals with both Sony and MS for different games. Which is no different than in previous generations.

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Haru1286d ago

Not even Microsoft can cover all that money lost if they don't realse on PS4 too

ScorpiusX1286d ago

What amount of money are you referin to, the 20 million who some think will go out and by that game at release or were you referring to the 2-3 million best bet scenario.

Spotie1286d ago

It's not an absolute. Nobody thinks every PS4 owner will go out and buy the game.

But it's reasonable to assume that at least as many would buy it on PS4 as on XB1. Honestly, you would assume more, with the much higher install base. To buy the exclusivity for a game, the publisher and platform holder would have to come to terms concerning the potential loss of sales from the omitted console/s.

Even if it's only 2 or three million, that's a lot of money to shell out for exclusivity.

Gority1286d ago


Plus they gave away Garden Warefare during PSX for that weekend, and since more people played it, people who appreciated the first more likely to get the second as well.

AceBlazer131286d ago

considering so many multiplatform titles selling double of what XB1 gets over on ps4 then yh it would be a waste to pay for that exclusivity.

koolaid2511286d ago

Microsoft as a company is valued at 300 billion dollars so they can afford whatever they could buy Sony if they really wanted to hostile takeover!

dancerOfDeath1286d ago

The new trailer says that full reveal is 9:30am on the 15th... MS conference time. There is almost certainly some sort of deal here, whether it be marketing or time exclusivity who can say? I would guess the latter, based on history.

Anyways, the trailer was nothing but sounds.... but AWESOME sound. Sounds like an incredibly souped up Garden Warfare. Gotta say, this is easily one of my most anticipated announcements at E3. Was hoping they would show us a little glimpse of it today. grahhhh!

This game WILL be an absolutely incredible PVP TPS.

lemoncake1286d ago

Sony faithful crying again, how does someone's whine get approved. Oh right n4g. Accept it Sony fans this is going to have some type of exclusive deal and it won't be the death of the franchise because of it.

theFAYEsorceress1286d ago

i don't think anyone is crying over anything. timed exclusives don't matter in the long run because everyone gets to play it eventually. it's just potentially a bad decision business-wise to do so.

Forbidden_Darkness1286d ago

It really is. PVZ:GW would have sold a whole lot better if it hadn't released on different dates on each platform. By then people had forgotten the title.

And the real only way PVZ:GW had somewhat a player base on PS4 is because it was given away for free during the PSX event.

wegetsignalx1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

His argument is that PvZ would make more money launching on both consoles at the same time. This is most likely true, given the difference in install base, and PS4 owners more likely to buy smaller digital games.

You are making sad personal attacks and flaming at someone's legitimate opinion. N4G has a large amount of anti-Sony trolls and articles, your persecution complex is baseless.

Satyre281286d ago

You guys really need to stop with some of the things you say. I own both an X1 and a PS4 and i love them both, but man some of you guys are so attached to 1 console its pathetic that you make up fake accusations. I hate when people say things like MS cannot cover the loss from not releasing on PS4 etc etc. Thats not the point, its a business deal, nobody forces anyone to do these deals, all the money EA has do you really think that they dont know what they are doing? If it is exclusive its just like any other deal made, MS paid money to have this game on its console, there is no falling out between the 2, even if there was we wouldnt know about it. EA is HUGE, they are gonna have MS deals and they are also gonna have Sony deals just deal with it, and stop with the petty stuff.

Clogmaster1286d ago

It's not like these big companies really care if you like their games. Their job is to earn money.

wegetsignalx1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

No, sometimes they really "don't know what they're doing". Companies make gambles, sometimes they pay off and sometimes they don't.

I guarantee you EA regrets the gamble of keeping Titanfall off PS3/PS4 after PS4 ended up outselling Xbox by about 2:1 globally.

MS "covering the loss" of PS4 sales is only going to get more expensive for them, and the Xbox division doesn't have an unlimited budget. It makes more business sense for EA to launch on multiple platforms.

Only fanboys want games to remain exclusive. All you're doing is flaming people for making business sense.

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