Tales of Hearts Trademarked in North America --- English version in the future?

Namco-Bandai has just recently filed a trademark for Tales of Hearts, which is currently a Japanese-only release.

The company has registered trademarks for Tales of Rebirth (PS2) and Tales of Innocence (NDS) in the past, and has never released those games outside of Japan, so this is simply Namco-Bandai keeping the rights to just in case (like, for instance, if the two Tales games being released this year do well).


Looking back, I meant to say in the article that Namco-Bandai was likely trademarking it for copyright purposes, but due to the possibility of growth for the franchise with the two new games this year, there's a better chance we might get this game (due to reasons like adding CG cutscenes, which North American audiences like more than anime cutscenes).

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ruibing3798d ago

After playing through Legendia and Abyss, I'm really starting to think Namco needs to start numbering their Tales series. It's getting really hard to tell which ones I've missed and which ones I've played when they come through so quickly.

ShawnCollier3798d ago

The only new ones since Abyss in North America are the upcoming Tales of Vesperia (Xbox360 - August 26th) and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Wii - Winter 2008).

There's been a helluva lot more in Japan, though. ;)

Zerodin3798d ago

I mean...if it's trademarked for North America, I'm pretty sure it's going to be in English!
Learn 2 news better!

ShawnCollier3798d ago

Like I said in the news post, they had trademarks for Rebirth and Innocence, which never got released here. So no, it isn't 100% that we're getting Hearts due to this move.

Baka-akaB3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Er not at all .... Once they trademarked tales of Innocence (nd maybe even the first ds one) but it didnt get released , and wont get released so far .

I wouldnt put my hopes that high . We are lucky that didnt pull a Symphonia ps2 again and are releasing Eternal Sonata in NA ... but it probably comes to their realisation that after so many times , and with such a "low profile" title , they need every sales .