The cannabis flavoured Wii Balance Board cover arrives

If you thought AMR Racing's Hoochie Mama Wii Balance Board cover was interesting, take a look at their next move - a protective skin covered in cannabis leaves!

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avacadosnorkel3713d ago

for one there's way too much movement involved...get real high and see if you want to jump around or wave your arms a lot.

on top of that, when you're high you're gonna want something cool to look at and listen to...Wii graphics suck and the audio is trash.

PR0F3TA3713d ago

at least you get it bro... what smoker wants to work out with a Wii after toking up?? working out at a home gym is diff, myself, i like to play GTA4 and go on shootouts while smokinn lol

omodis4203713d ago

Have you ever smoked weed? People are actually pretty normal when they are high, unless they are complete newbies to it. I get high on my lunch breaks at work. No one has ever said anything. Except for the people that know what I do.

WEED and VIDEOGAMES :) Good times good times.

BigKev453713d ago

Heck yeah, playing GTA IV is real phat while smoking a blunt. As is Gears of war.

DiLeCtioN3713d ago

isnt weed bad for you sometimes especially with the brain and hunger issues?

DevilsJoker3713d ago

How someone says something completely true but everyone bundles on the disagrees because they dont want to hear it.

vickers5003713d ago


Uhh maybe because its not true. If you would research it beyond what D.A.R.E. and your mommy told you, then you would realize you are incorrect.

shuandrew3713d ago

There are many side effects, but it affects different people in different ways.

Defintely gives you the munchies! =P

PoSTedUP3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

XD good one...

Weed3713d ago

That thing is fcking sexy. My reason to get a Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.