Bethesda Softworks' E3 2015 preview: Fallout 4, Battlecry, DOOM and new games

This coming Sunday night, June 14, Bethesda Softworks will host its first-ever E3 press conference. Not only will it be the first conference to kick off the E3 2015 festivities, but it is by far the most anticipated, given the intergalactically exciting week we are coming off the heels of.

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comebackkid9891924d ago

So burnt out on fps, Doom is my breath of fresh air (:

G3n3raL86924d ago

Try Brutal DooM, dude: How to make old classics feel new:)

Massacred924d ago

I wish like how Blizard and Valve find good mods then release them as full titles, ID would do the same with Brutal Doom.

Massacred924d ago

60 fps and tons of speed is required. XD

Can't wait to see what the Prey 2 team is working on and obo Fallout.

Roccetarius924d ago

Prey 2 is not being worked on at all, it was completely cancelled some time ago.

lemoncake924d ago

Bethesda is going to have a great E3.

Kal853924d ago

I hope we get more gameplay footage from Fallout 4!

Massacred924d ago

15+ min gameplay trailer calling it here.

Relientk77924d ago

Hopefully they have Dishonored 2 and RAGE 2

Perjoss924d ago

As much as I'd like one I don't think we will ever see a RAGE 2.

Roccetarius924d ago

Even if we do see a Rage 2, i hope they ditch that awful engine it was made with.

jb227924d ago

The closest thing we will get to Rage 2 will be the new Mad Max title. After the success of Fury Road though' I'd love it if Bethesda revisited their desert wasteland. Really thought that game got a bad rap, such a cool game in my experience.

EazyC924d ago

Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 will be an automatic win for Bethesda of this year's E3.

Roccetarius924d ago

That depends, one example is that i hope they don't add a useless MP mode to Dishonored.

MilkMan924d ago

WTF is Battlecry? Its a cute steampunk video but what kind of video game is it? Bunch of dudes hitting each other with sticks.

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