Microsoft's E3 2015 preview: Xbox One's Rise and Redemption

Last year was a momentous time for Microsoft, with the outstanding holiday 2014 set of games they had from both an exclusive game content standpoint, as well as an Xbox One sales perspective. Quality, consistent exclusive content has been the name of the game for the Xbox One and it's about time fans start to take notice of that.

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ScorpiusX1199d ago

All games will be mine .

MilkMan1199d ago

Im only really interested in Crackdown. IF Banjo is real then Ill get that also.

Orbilator1199d ago

Lets hope so coz we all need competition otherwise we become complacent. Sony did it with ps3 and woke up, looks like M$ have finally woken up with xbox one.

dancerOfDeath1199d ago

Xbox takes the proverbial cake, then eats it to it's face. Cant wait, got the 15th booked off, ready to soak up the seemingly infinite abundance of gaming goodness.

WizzroSupreme1199d ago

Really excited to see what Rare's up to and Crackdown 3 could be super fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.