Four More Smash Bros. Characters Yet to be Revealed, Inklings are Likely

Hardcore Gamer: With the recent announcements of Mewtwo and Lucas returning to the Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros., fans have been clamoring for new fighters to enter the fray. Everyone is always listing off old school characters, something we’re even guilty of. It’s not a bad thing, we saw Pac-Man make an exciting comeback in the game, but what about new school video game characters?

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DanielEndurance923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

Imagine all the squid-like and ink attacks! Wish there was a stand-out Splatoon protagonist to join the roster, but I'll take an Inkling Boy/Girl in Smash if that's all you can do.

kirbyu923d ago

"Wish there was a stand-out Splatoon protagonist to join the roster"

Judd and Captain Cuddlefish

ValKilmer923d ago

I'd love to have the Inklings in Smash. I feel like they'd be overpowered, though.

_-EDMIX-_923d ago

wow, I can't believe they held content back from Smash Bro's Wii U only to sell as DLC....smh. /s

Smokeeye123923d ago

They didn't hold back anything. All the DLC was worked on after the game was released.

_-EDMIX-_923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

....and you know that how? Could they have not lied about such a thing? Just saying, you know not of what is happening during development and they don't even have to be transparent about it. Consider that 2 of those DLC's are from past characters seemly with the same moveset.

If we believe this, might as well believe this too. you, I'm happy Smash didn't do this for its DLC, I'm also happy Star Wars BF is not doing this for its DLC either...

I'm happy Turn 10 doesn't do this for its DLC either.

Also happy Creative Assembly doesn't either.

Though I was being sarcastic, it doesn't really matter when this content was made. They budgeted for a game, and budgeted for DLC. They can sorta make it anytime they feel like it as its their game.

Making it during the game doesn't some how mean it would be in the final game as its work that still needs to be paid for.

Its already the largest Smash, this DLC, no matter when it was made, its still justified.

Some need to get that your paying for a game, not for all the things the team worked on during its development. That is like saying if the Tekken Team also worked on Tekken 7 during this games development.....they are owed that too lol.

Weather something is "hold back" or not, I don't think it matters much as its not our IP to begin with and they already made a fantastic game that is the largest and most content packed in the games history.

So for arguments sake, even if it was "cut" or "held back" to be sold, you still got a product that was better then the last in terms of content count and its their game to sell, not ours.

Nintendo and many other publishers do a good job with DLC, many gamers don't seem to realize that, they just assume.

3-4-5923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

@ EMIX - Leave

kirbyu923d ago

I actually prefer that certain stuff comes later as DLC so that it gives me something new to do in the game.

TorpeAlex923d ago

It will be really interesting to see how they work in a primarily gun-focused character.

ryuuzakibjorn923d ago

Probably similar to a mixture of Diddy Kong and Snake

TheRandomOne923d ago

How about more Mario Kart characters ? Bring back King Boo you bastards

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