Plants vs Zombies Xbox Teaser Revealed

Here’s the catch for the new video: there is not an second of visuals in the teaser at all. Instead, we get a few seconds of an audio teaser for the next Plants vs Zombies game.

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Mikefizzled1286d ago

My memory is failing me. Did Garden Warfare premiere at MS or EA conference last year?

MasterBaker1286d ago

Im not sure who it was, but it was E3 2013. The game was already out before E3 of last year

iSuperSaiyanGod1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Debut on Xbox I think in February . Not sure . Great game tho ! My most played game this far on ps4 . 100+ hours . Easily best fun shooter expirience I've played in a few years

4Sh0w1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

I played it a few times and I thought it was a good game but I never really got into it though.

plsburydoughboy1286d ago

Garden Warfare was revealed at the EA E3 conference, but announced as an Xbox exclusive first, and it took six months before it came to PlayStation.

LatinGamer2141286d ago

What i don't get is why on xbox first again when they was hyping the hell out of the PS4 version saying 1080p this 60fps that.of the first game.for me im cool with it i have PS4 and XB1 but what about the gamers that don't and they love PvZ?

SoapShoes1286d ago

It nowhere is confirmed exclusive and its wording says otherwise. It's like Dead Island 2 being shown first at Sony's E3.

iSuperSaiyanGod1286d ago

It has to come to ps4 . Garden warfare is flipping amazing lol . It will probably come to X1 first . And show up on ps4 a couple months later hopefully not & it's all released the same day . I bought garden warfare on Xbox & ps4 too lol . But every company has it exclusives or contract . No shame , I support all brands

SoapShoes1286d ago

Ok the way it is worded means it most likely won't have timed exclusivity like before. World premiere just means it's being shown first at their conference.

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