ZTGD | 3D Thunder Blade Review

Dave Payerle writes: While the modern era of consoles has continued to push gaming to greater heights, it has also facilitated access to the past. The power of new machines has facilitated emulation, but more important is the rise of digital games and expanded price structures. I’ll date myself by saying this, but back when I was a kid every game was the same price, which meant that smaller titles simply didn’t have a place in the market. Now that access to games is simpler and more cost-effective, older arcade games like Thunder Blade are finding new life.

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darthv721233d ago

Of all the Sega arcade games that went on to do great things... this is one that (I felt) went and got stuck in a corner. i mean after burner, outrun, even hang on all went on to be remade on other platforms over the years. And some even got arcade sequels that spawned home conversions.

but finally after all these years we get thunder blade. A game that (aside from super on the genesis) had gone for decades without so much as a passing glance. Even Galaxy Force and space harrier received some much needed love years later with sequels (loosely based) like Geist force and Planet harriers (the former not officially being released but its out there).

I really like thunder blade and had always wanted there to be a remake or a proper sequel (like after burner climax and outrun 2 SP in the arcades) but until they make a "new" version then this is absolutely the best way to play (next to the arcade of course).

two thumbs up!!!