BioWare has 'never confirmed any plans' for Mass Effect 360 exclusivity

While there's no question about the rad-tacular sweetitude that's bound to emanate from BioWare's future entries in the Mass Effect franchise, it's time to hang up on another telephoned rumor -- this one has the unannounced trilogy locked into Xbox 360 exclusivity. According to the eloquently named Australian blog, XboxOZ360-gamer, BioWare bigwig Ray Muzyka told Australian 360 magazine that the RPG developer was committed to bringing "the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360." Yeah, not so much.

Speaking to Joystiq, a BioWare representative deemed the information "incorrect," noting that Muzyka has "never confirmed any plans of Mass Effect exclusivity for the trilogy." So ... there is a trilogy, right?

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Poor Xbots3769d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, this game would have been alot better if it was a PS3 exclusive to use the 50gig bluray advantage for their open world gaming. Poor Xbots, EA said they were a multiplatfrom company, so of course it is gonna come to the PS3.

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DanB913769d ago

Please leave the PS3 trolling to Dark Sniper or QueefyB. You suck at it.

Poor Xbots3769d ago

Poor Xbot DanB91

Poor Xbot DanB81, you know Msss Effect is limited to the fixme dvd player, don't ignore it. Poor Xbot DanB91, I was known as Angelitos, but known I'm known as Poor Xbots, so dont say I suck at it, read my bio.

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DanB913769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Yeah but the thing is please try and make your posts a little bit funnier. I won't take your bubbles away. I am sorry for being so harsh. But make some sort of photoshop pic or something.

Apology accepted

Poor Xbots3769d ago

My bad not Poor Xbot DanB91

My bad not Poor Xbot DanB91, you should read a persons bio before you assume anything.

My bad not Poor Xbot DanB91

Poor Xbots3769d ago

Not Poor Xbot DanB91

Not Poor Xbot DanB91, who said I was trying to be funny? Not Poor Xbot DanB91, I'm just revealing the truth.

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morganfell3769d ago

Whoops! Time to eat some crow pie bots. Munch munch munch. With PS3 sales continuing to gain on that aging hunk of junk it looks like everyone except Wii owners may get to ride the elevator simulator.

Montrealien3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

You're right Morgan, at this rate, by the end of 2009, the second and third place consoles of this gen should have around the same install base, then what, my 360 will disappear? Or no, let me guess, my PS3 will eat it and one morning all I'll find are the cables right? Damn console wars...the horror, the horror...

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Dark vader3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

If the trilogy is really exclusive then why would they deny it? I don't know but it sounds like, a confirm multiplatform game.

Playstation Man3769d ago

Though I'm not pumped to see the trilogy carry on personally on the PS3, I know alot of people who would like that. It'll be interesting to see.

Breakfast3769d ago

It would be best, if this games goes multiplatform.

decapitator3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Its probably timed. Microsoft have the dough to make it timed but EA are a multiplatform company so we don't really know. As a matter of fact, even Dragon Age is coming to consoles after the PC version.

ash_divine3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Not that I mind it going multi, but I'm interesting in knowing why you feel that way. Really.

Edit: what's with the disagree? I only asked cause I thought it'd be interesting to hear a 360 fan's reason for saying one of their prized exclusives would be better off multi-plat. sheesh.

chaosatom3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )


get it? hugry? breakfast?

TOSgamer3769d ago

The game is best played on PC. The extra keys just make the game so much more enjoyable.

decapitator3769d ago

Well, I can't speak for Breakfast but for me, my PC cannot even run the first Mass Effect and I only own a PS3 at the moment, so if the title, went multi, it would prolong my purchase of the Xbox 360.

However, I am waiting on a price drop and possible redesign to jump in.

ash_divine3769d ago

oh, well I don't if that's what breakfast meant but it is good to be able to play a game with dishing out 300 or so bucks just for that game.

Dark vader3769d ago

People don't realize that EA invesment in purchasing bioware, was not to make exclusive games.

gaffyh3769d ago

Joystiq is quite a credible source, so this is probably true, but the port will probably be crappy, I mean it's EA...

kazuma3769d ago

i still think mass effect 2 and 3 will be multiplatform, i mean it's EA we're talking about.

JsonHenry3769d ago


What is the worst that can happen if it is not exclusive? More people get to enjoy it? It gets a bigger audience? They make more games because this series sells so well?!

I really don't see the problem here folks..

JD_Shadow3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Sony lost a big 3rd party exclusive in FF13, but they could just have hit the jackpot with this one. Why should Sony be the only one to lose a big exclusive like that? Maybe it's time that MS lost something for a change!

@1.11 & 5.2: We're talking about a Bioware developed title here, not a Valve one.

jessupj3768d ago

You're right. It's about bloody time sony won an exclusive from ms!

Having said that, if it does go multiplatform lets hope the ps3 version runs at an acceptable standard.

Hoggy19833768d ago

Just because EA has bought Bioware it doesnt mean that any pre-standing agreements with MS are void. If MS had an agreement that ME was to remain 360/PC exclusive and an option to do so for the rest of the trilogy EA couldnt change that. However, this is just speculative as such agreements may never be in place. To be honest, im happy enough for the PS3 to get ME as long as we get some titles coming the other way.

Enigma_20993768d ago

... if it's not really exclusive, why aren't they working on a multi port already?

Megatron083768d ago

They confirmed ME2 a number of times as a 360 exclusive but it sounds like EA is stepping in and goin to force a multi platform release.

The 1st one was some what disappointing anyways tho. They main storyline was great but the side quest were god awful. It definetly wasnt on par with KotR. Dont get me wrong it was still a good game but given biowares rep for extremely high quality games ME was a huge disappointment.

masterg3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Why all these multiplatform games.

I want 360 to keep they exclusive IPs, and I want Sony to do the same.
What's the point of having a console war if 90% of the games are on both platforms. Not to mention that almost no games reach their full potential when going multiplatform.

When everything is multiplatform, we might as well just have a single console in this generation. At least then the games would get less delays and the games would reach their potential.

Thank god for Sony, at least I know that they have a huge lineup of first party studios that know how to create great games.

MS should have the same. Then we gamers would come out on top.
But sadly MS spends their money on other things than studios.

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masterofpwnage3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

i will take a joystiq over a 360 fansite anyday.

and if the it becomes multi which i hope (thefirst one was ko but short, i finished it in like 20 hour) i will buy it for my ps3 or maybe 360 because i feel bad there is no games for it beside halo and LO

RememberThe3573769d ago

I loved the first game. Everything but the graphics, the popidge was horrendous. I went to every world are did everything I could before beating that game, and I'm glad I did. So glad in fact I went back and did it all again. If ME2 comes to the PS3 I'll have to get it on that because the 360 pop-in was just way too much for me, it f*cked up the immersion.

Superfragilistic3769d ago

They've said that they have spoken to Bioware but have also pointed out that they were simply reporting on another publications words. So I believe Joystiq and your so called 360 fansite (which gave MGS4 a 9.9 btw!) are on the same page.

As XboxOZ puts it in his article and in the N4G comments @

"And just to "Clarify things", we only reported what was PRINTED in a publication: here is what that publication wrote in it's latest Issue #4, page 14 First in it's very first paragraph: and I quote:

"Speaking exclusively to 360 at EA's European Showcase. BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka restated his company's commitment to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360, despite having been brought up by Electronic Arts and analysts claiming it would go multiplatform."

Note THEIR use of the word "Exclusively" - NOT ours. We simply reported the fact. It's a bit like shooting the horse because YOU rode it into something. It wasn't the horse's fault, but the rider, and in this case, the magazines."

Seems perfectly reasonable to me. :)

JD_Shadow3768d ago

And apparently you never read THIS article. Though I didn't expect much of anyone coming from your X360 camps in the way of reading anything that would be bad news for the 360 console.

Drekken3768d ago

Funny thing is Joystiq is a xbox360 fansite in disguise.

Superfragilistic3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I don't think you read either article! lol

Joystiq clearly states:

"According to the eloquently named Australian blog, XboxOZ360-gamer, BioWare bigwig RAY MUZYKA TOLD AUSTRALIAN 360 MAGAZINE that the RPG developer was committed to bringing "the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360." ;)

And how is this bad news? It's coming to the 360 (exclusive or otherwise) and the trilogy looks to be all but confirmed.

That's awesome news. :)

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ash_divine3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

EDIT: Move along people, nothing to see hear.

no seriously though I made a comment without thinking and then wanted to take it down but you can't (or atleast I don't know how). they need to fix that.

Poor Xbots3769d ago

Poor Xbot power of Green

Poor Xbot power of Green, dont cry and accept the truth, Mass Effect 2 will come to the PS3, which is the best version to get. Poor Xbot power of Green is so ignorant, I read some of your posts saying the PS3 is the inferior hardware..............BIGGEST IGNORANT AND BIASED POOR XBOT EVER!!!

Poor Xbot power of Green

Oner3769d ago

So it's okay for any another game to be released on the 360 because of "better numbers" but when it's the other way around (since the PS3 is selling better than the 360 the past 7 months) it's a BS article or has no weight?

You aren't a real gamer. You are a fanboy. FF going to 360 didn't bother me as I have multiple systems & it is only better for us GAMERS & more so for Squeenix. You can't even admit that can you? Would you? Nope....whatever. Nothing but a bunch of fake ass immature kids posting drivel everywhere on the net really is sad that kind of character some "types" have.

t-0_ot-3768d ago

@Oner - Who cares if it is selling well.. when consoles sell around 15 mil. sells numbers start to mean absolutely nothing. The thing that devs start to look for is the attachment rate. Which.. well the PS3 has a very low attachment rate, as some of the PS3's that have been bought are people looking for a blu-ray player.. not to play games.