The Witcher 3 - New Mod Will Overhaul The Lighting System By Replacing It With A More Advanced One

It appears that CD Projekt RED has used a more advanced lighting system during The Witcher 3's cut-scenes than the one featured while playing the game. And YouTube's 'Essenthy Onigami' has been working on bringing this more advanced lighting system of The Witcher 3's cut-scenes to the actual game.

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joab777918d ago

Mods will make this game almost or as big as Skyrim. I think lol! It's a damn better game. Thats for sure.

Erik7357918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

I need dis

Entonations918d ago

This mod looks like it'll make the most visual difference from all of the other witcher 3 mods coming out so far.

Roccetarius918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

Indeed, the cutscene lighting looks very nice compared to the default. This is just one of many mods to improve the game going forward.

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