Fallout 4 Is Not On Last-gen Consoles, So What Is?

Clipping Error discuss what Bethesda could announce at E3 2015 for last-gen consoles. In light of Fallout 4 being current-gen only, Clipping Error debate what might work for the company as a release for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Garethvk1283d ago

I think it was inevitable as the new games are simply too strong for the last generation without compromising the vision of the game. Look at Dying Light as an example. They had an Xbox 360 and a PS 3 version planned well into development, and decided they could not make it go without limiting their vision for the game as the technology could not let them do what they had planned, so they eliminated it. There were many titles for the PS3 and Xbox One that went to the PS3 and Xbox 360 but after the first year and a half it became less and less common.

LordMaim1283d ago

At least it's on current gen consoles. Then you get games like XCOM 2 which aren't even hitting PS4/Xbox One... the bastards...

But yes, being almost two years into the new consoles' life cycles, it's only natural that games migrate to the new platforms. The only thing keeping development for them afloat at this point is their huge install base. We'll see development paths split for them at this point, with simpler games hitting the old consoles, and AAAs being targeted at current generations and PC exclusively.

Reibooi1283d ago

Well XCOM is most loved on the PC so it makes sense that XCOM 2 will be PC exclusive. That said I would be shocked if it didn't come out on console sometime down the road.

On topic however I think it's a good thing a ton of the games we are getting now dropped the last gen versions. I mean when you think about how well this console generation is doing in terms of sales it makes leaving the old consoles behind a bit easier. I mean larger install base will equal better sales and since this gen is so ahead of what people thought it would be in sales I think Devs are finding it easier to just leave last gen behind.

joab7771283d ago

I still think they announce F4 for last gen. It will release at a letter date and use the old engine.

kassler1283d ago

Last-gen is over, it's time to move on.

theDivision1283d ago

Finally. Glad this is happening.

SolidStoner1283d ago

agree! I was hoping for some time now for devs to do this!!

game will be better optimized and it saves precious time, games already takes longer to make nowdays!!

IrisHeart1283d ago

Why is this even a thing? It is 2015 last gen was years ago and it had a long life. Devs should push for next gen rather than making everything worse for current gen and stagnating things. Oh and screw HD ports of 2 year old games while we are at it.

Randostar1283d ago

My friend just got a ps4, he never had a ps3 so he never got to play TLOU, Uncharted or God of War. You dont have to buy remasters.


If your friend was really, really serious about playing those games why did he hold out?

and for what is would cost to buy the remasters of those games you could prob by a pre-owned ps3 and get even more games for cheaper.

Link2DaFutcha1283d ago

I'm just kind of serious about playing those games, so I'll be picking up the uncharted collection (for 60$ I'm guessing), no need to get an older console to take up space (and easily cost over 150$) just to play a few games.

Link2DaFutcha1283d ago

As a first time playstation owner I'm glad some of the better games I never got to are making it on to next-gen, I understand the frustration, but there are plenty of other games to play too. Can't wait to go through uncharted in preparation for 4.

DanteVFenris6661283d ago

Yea this gen is already 2 years in almost. Time to upgrade or be content with buying older software

pecorre1283d ago

I think last-gen has been a torn in the foot of current gen for too long. We are only starting to see real "next-gen" game with The Witcher 3 and Batman. I'm glad a lot of upcomming games are current gen only.

die_fiend1283d ago

A lot of last gen games look better graphically than Fallout 4...

Ocsta1283d ago

Dude right now you're just shouting from the top of the train a lot of people are on, the "Fallout 4 has shit graphics" train to nowhere. You don't believe it but because the sheeple are bleating it right now, so are you. Look at this, confirmed to be IN GAME, and tell me this looks like something the old gen could pull off:

KwietStorm1283d ago

Now name all the open world games as expansive and full of content that graphically look better than Fallout 4 on last gen or any gen. I'll wait for your response. Feel free to PM.


Looking at that screen shot and not taking into account how the game looks in motion (which I consider to be a big thing)...

I would say Rage (that ID open world game that everyone forgot a week after it came out) looks as good.

it's not the better game, don't get me wrong... just looking purely at that screen shot and shots of what rage looked like. they were not that far off.

Personally I think Fallout looks "next gen" enough when I see it in stills... it's seeing it in motion that puts a damper on it and that is in part to the stiff looking character animations and that dog that looks like it's straight out of COD ghosts.

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