EA Files Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trademark for Computer Game Software

There's a new trademark that has been filed today that will surely perk a few ears up; Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

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RobinGaming1165d ago

Can't wait to see the new Mirror's Edge at E3! Loved the first, and if this is open world with drop-in drop-out multiplayer then I seriously want it now! :D

NerveGearneeded1164d ago

i am excited as well. 1 of my most anticipated games.

Articuno761165d ago

Certainly a nicer name than something generic like "Mirror's Edge: Origins".

chrish19901165d ago

Personally hoping its a vita spin off... i know there's no hope though

Articuno761165d ago

I've heard that this Mirror's Edge is going to be a reboot/origin story of some kind, so I wouldn't be the least surprised to find out it's the official name for Mirror's Edge 2.