Why heart can matter more than size

MWEB GameZone writes: "So often, games will let size tell a story - open world games with random interactions leading to personal stories.

But it's games like Red Dead Redemption & ‪‎Witcher 3‬ that deliver unforgettable experiences because it captures and portrays, "heart".

Which games have given you that?"

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schmoe987d ago

its not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog?

Sillicur987d ago

Bethesda doesnt really need to learn anything in my opinion, if you look at their previous Fallout titles. The Elder Scrolls franchise is a completely different beast from the Fallout franchise.

I dont completely understand the opening line, as the only thing we know about Fallout 4 at the moment is the reveal to elaborate how the reveal trailer constitutes a feeling of "Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle."

SonZeRo987d ago

I'm agreeing with you. Bethesda is very good at making deep stories, Trailers don't convey that.

HanCilliers987d ago

Have you played the previous Fallout games? I think what he means is that after a few hours it can get repetitive, like open worlds tend to do. You won't play a Fallout game for 200 hours.

HanCilliers987d ago

Heart and Mass Effect. That is all.

VVgamer4lifeVV987d ago

in my Heart: Red dead redemption, Dead Space 1 and 2, Dark souls series, and Bloodborne.