Star Fox Wii U: Managing My Expectations

Star Fox 64 blew me away when it was released in 1997. The title was a complete package on the Nintendo 64, complete with full voice acting, replay value, multiplayer, and the Rumble Pack. I was hooked on this game for quite a while and even, at one point, had the game's dialog completely memorized. I couldn't wait for a sequel.

Years went by and those sequels came. However, I felt like each new entry in the Star Fox series didn't live up to the standard set by Star Fox 64. I wouldn't call these post Star Fox 64 games bad, but they surely did not live up to the legacy of Fox McCloud’s Nintendo 64 adventure.

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greenmiker1133d ago

Star Fox is a great series, I can't wait the Wii U version.

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iplay1up21133d ago

It is supposed to be out this year. Nintendo has also talked about Starfox being "very cinematic" and "beautiful". I found that to be interesting for a Starfox game.

I am sure it will be at E3. Can't wait.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1133d ago

Star Fox Assault was very cinematic.

deafdani1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

To date, all Star Fox games have been pretty cinematic, for their hardware. The amount of "live" dialogue on Star Fox (SNES) wasn't common on an action game, Star Fox 64 was Nintendo's foray into voice acting, and it had awesome cutscenes (for the time), Star Fox Assault was pretty cinematic overall as OtakuDJK1NG above me said, and even Animal Planet had pretty nice storytelling and cutscenes (even if it wasn't a Star Fox game initially).

I can't say anything about Star Fox Command because it's the only Star Fox game I didn't play. I tried it, but didn't like its controls at all. :(

ZeekQuattro1133d ago

I hope they make it more like the first two entries and nix the on foot parts. I tried to like it but I just couldn't. Assualt was still a good game however.

ChickeyCantor1133d ago

if they can pull it off like Vanquish though...

ZeekQuattro1132d ago

If the on foot plays like that game I wouldn't mind. Sega used to publish some great niche games. Now I want to dust off my PS3 and play Vanquish. lol

deafdani1132d ago

Sometimes I feel I'm the only one who actually loved the on-foot sections and the sections where you had the freedom to fight on all means (arwing, landmaster and on-foot).

I honestly believe the hate those sections got was undeserved. I feel like people ONLY wanted Star Fox to be 100% on-rails arwing combat ALL the time, so they weren't receptive of the other gameplay styles on Command. Which is a shame, really.

I hope the Wii U version tries this again, and refines the formula so that everyone (miraculously) likes it. :P

ZeekQuattro1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

I wouldn't mind having the Land Master or Blue Marine back. I liked those missions. On foot wasn't all bad for me. I did enjoy ridding on the wing of a Wolfen fighter for instance. I just remember wishing there was more of a focus on flight.

gleepot1132d ago

If they made a good blend of 64 and Adventures, that would hit right about home with me. Have a non-linear galaxy to explore that leads to on-rail missions while traveling between areas. Once you reach the planet, go down on foot and do some on foot, dungeon-esque stuff akin to Zelda.

FallenAngel19841132d ago

I really wish they would make Fox and co. seem like true mercenaries for once. They're more like soldiers since they always take missiles through the space police via General Pepper

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