Hottest bundle yet: Xbox One + Witcher 3 + Elder Scrolls Online + Halo: MCC

Dealspwn: Yes, this is a real deal and not a site glitch. This incredibly hot Xbox One console bundle comes with The Witcher III: Wild Hunt - Day One Edition, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (inc. Explorer Pack) and Halo: The Master Chief Collection for an astonishingly cheap £279.88

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Blues Cowboy1204d ago

I spent £429.99 on a console with Kinect and FIFA at launch. Now I ain't complaining... but... man that's a good price. Consumer electronics, folks, pay more or wait and scoop up a bargain.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1204d ago

I would grab that if I could choose horizon 2 and maybe an FPS preorder

Septic1204d ago

Yeah I got the same bundle as you mate. Mind you, I really do use the Kinect a lot so there's that. I'm not that big into footy games though so FIFA was wasted.

Magicite1204d ago

now just imagine what price will be 3 years down the road.

Septic1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Its neither desperation nor genius. Its a necessary move and an aggressive strategy that reflects their position in the market. Their primary competitor has a massive lead and in order to bridge that gap, in the UK at least, they need to do this in order to ensure that they keep the momentum.

spicelicka1204d ago

Aka I get to pay less:D
Enjoy paying $100 more for bragging rights on how you paid $100 more....

Septic1204d ago

Not really mate. The X1 is doing rather well in the UK and this deal is really competitive and that's it. All companies are desperate to make a profit but in the grand scheme of things, this is just a move by MS to ensure that maximise on the momentum they have got.

It's the smart thing to do really.

ThePope1204d ago


This is N4G, the number of people who have any business acumen is about 12. Which is funny as that's the median age of the people who act like they have any idea what they're talking about.

Good for MS the more people with an X1 the more people that can beat me in FIFA. It sounds like both Sony and MS are fighting hard in the UK.

dcbronco1204d ago

Well said Pope. It's funny that this is somehow desperate when there were several PS4 bundles and deals announced in the last couple of weeks in the word never came up. But as you said the majority on this site have no idea how business works. That is obvious from the huge number that believes Xbox doesn't make money. Though I will admit that many adults who have bought into the idea that analyst are their friends have been fooled into the same ideas. Analyst are about manipulating the market to increase their and their firms bottom line.

dancerOfDeath1204d ago

I payed 100$ more for 2 years of unmitigated awesomeness and 2 extra years of improved quality over last gen. More than worth it, IMO. Though these new bundles are a steal.

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Bigpappy1204d ago

Why does it even matter whether or not it's desperation on M$ part? It is a freeking great deal. That's a gamer should be concerned with. Don't waste time talking to jealous fanboys who are concerned about M$ state of mind

ScorpiusX1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Sweet , time to do some early Christmas and birthday shopping for myself . Neither event are close lol
(Wow talk. About Sour apples---vvvv)

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Software_Lover1204d ago

If it were a smaller Xbox One, and in the U.S., I would snag it up. It's not desperation IMHO it's just sales, and has been going on since forever in business.

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