Export your favourite old Rock Band songs to RB4 for free

Daniel Sussman, the project manager for Rock Band 4, has urged long-time fans of the series to export songs from older Rock Band games, confirming they’ll be available to play on the new effort from Harmonix.

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IrisHeart1285d ago

Why shouldn't it be free when people spent hundreds even thousands of dollars on this series? Did they think people would come back without getting their songs back?

MilkMan1285d ago

Its a licensing thing. I HATE that I have to play this on my XBone, I wanted to bring this over to my PS4. But I guess I need something to play on it. I don't play Halo.

Sayburr1285d ago

Well, Guitar Hero's DLC doesn't pull forward... Tiger Wood's DLC didn't pull forward from year to year...

There are a lot of instances where DLC from a previous title, even on the same generation, wasn't usable on titles released later on.

...but, you are correct, I would think that many people would not buy RB4 without DLC transfer.

dumahim1285d ago

DLC between games almost never carries over.

Even if it didn't, I'd still be back. I'd just start over and only pick up the songs I really, really wanted and just go from there with new stuff.

Haki11121285d ago

Good to hear! Spent a good 200 dollars in that store!

pompombrum1285d ago

Kind of sucks that it isn't cross platform, fortunately I haven't spent all that much on it, I just hope I can rebuy them again without having to buy one of the PS3 versions.

dumahim1285d ago

I should probably pick up RB Blitz and get that exported.

WizzroSupreme1285d ago

That's one sweet deal. I will!

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