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Nintendo's messy wildcard may not offer much content, but its inventive, refreshing, and wildly entertaining spin on competitive multiplayer (plus a solid single-player) is strong enough for the game to stand as is. Check out Marcus' review

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GoPanthers9991288d ago

You clearly are unaware of Nintendo's plan to add free DLC content to Splatoon through August, including new modes, maps, weapons, etc. I initially thought this was an 8, but after getting hooked, it is easily a 9. Great campaign, reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy, addictive online.

N4g_null1288d ago

Well said panther. The game is so much deeper than its numbers. Each gun or painting tool changes the game so much. You have almost 20 different one and I think we just got 4 new maps. It's cool also because they tell you the maps in rotation so you can get your gear right. I can see this game getting easily 50 new maps.

LOL_WUT1288d ago

The issue is many people around here claim they don't support UNFINISHED games and will bash any titles who ship with missing content all while giving Splatoon a pass. ;)

Nevers0ft1288d ago

It might not last all the way until August but so far all of the stuff they unlocked was on the disk, there's been no DLC distributed via download yet as far as I know... So you could technically argue that it is finished and just being unlocked piecemeal.

N4g_null1288d ago

You are bring up half truths and applying to the many. People don't support broken unfun games. If these games where actually fun after I've went thur all the content then it would be fine. Its called replayablity. It what true games are about. You guys are just use to following what websites are saying instead of playing these games for your self. Should flappy birds or chess have more maps or content? One sucks and nothing will make it better but one of needs one map because it is such a deep and well crafted game.

The problem is content is already there and you don't pay for it you play to unlock it. They make you learn parts of a game that is fun to play. Heck it almost has too much content. While others simply add hd art to and already boring gamescape. The other problem is these other games are so boring with two or 3 maps that they need more maps... you really don't need more maps in splatoon. Hey if they got em then cool.

Quake was like this. Even though we had millions of maps we only played like 5. certain servers and mods would only play one map. The content problem is due to having some thing to do in an already boring game.