2015: The year that TT Games and LEGO take over the world

PSGamer: 2015 is shaping up to be a special year for LEGO games as Travellers Tales (or TT Games as they are more widely know these days) spread their creative wings. The series, which has had at least 2 (and often as many as 5) entries in the UK Top 40 All Format Game Chart since 2012, has an incredible line up of games releasing during the rest of the year and if the excitement in the Davies household is anything to go by, 2015 is going to be the year that TT Games and the LEGO Series take over the world.

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jillSandwich1205d ago

Pre-ordered LEGO Dimensions and Jurassic World. My wallet is in Witness protection after the hurting it sustained.

uth111205d ago

I plan on downloading Lego Worlds this week, as soon as I get my PC working properly

MilkMan1205d ago

Getting tired of these LEgo games. I used to love'em though. ??

SteamPowered1205d ago

This one is quite different. It is more akin to Minecraft than the previous Lego games. Lego worlds focuses more on building and exploration rather than a movie tie in where you collect lugs till your fingers bleed.
I am very excited for this game to drop. Especially with M/KB support.