Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculiar, Yet That's An Enduring Strength

A thought has been rumbling around this writer's mind for the past few days - Nintendo is weird. It really is. Writing about the company on a daily basis brings on a permanent state of double taking, and it's when looking outside of the big N bubble it becomes clear how peculiar it is. It simply doesn't play the same tune as its rivals in the console space, and behaves rather more like a toy company - which it was in the past and, effectively, still is.

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N4g_null1288d ago

Weird piece. You have to ask... why are steam machines not big, alienware, isn't big, why has the smart phone market become bigger than consoles? On one side you have the high powered solutions then you have a total opposite of that same solution that fans want. The truth is the fans don't really know what will sell. They know what they want but these companies are not here to make what you want they are all here to make money.

The problem is these people maybe in touch with a select few yet not 80 million. Is it viable to cater to 6 million or 80 million?

The entitlement thing is so strong with these fans.

superchiller1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

It really seems like Nintendo's approach to gaming hardware is not at all an "enduring strength", but a fatal weakness. All of their recent hardware has been cheaply-made, low-spec, feature lacking stuff; well below the industry standard, but with gimmicks thrown in to try to ignite sales. While that approach worked (for a while) with the original Wii, the Wii died years ago, when the fad fizzled out and gamers lost interest in the waggle gimmick. Meanwhile the 360 and PS3 are still going relatively strong, still getting new games, years after the death of the Wii.

Then the Wii U followed the exact same approach, make the cheapest possible base console, and throw in a gimmick (the bulky, awkward gamepad), hoping for another hit product. Unfortunately for Nintendo and its fans, the Wii U just doesn't offer much at all in terms of features and specs, and the giant gamepad is really more of a distraction and annoyance, than a legitimately strong feature. The result of this heavy focus on the gamepad, was the draining of resources away from the base console, leaving it completely unable to compete, this generation.

The bottom line is that Nintendo simply doesn't listen to what gamers want, they don't consult outside developers when making their hardware, and thus they are completely out of touch with what the gaming community and developers want. They do their own thing, basically saying "take it or leave it, this is our product, if you don't like it tough luck".

Sadly the gaming world has largely moved on and given up on the Wii U, aside from the diehard Nintendo fans who would buy anything they produce, just because its from their beloved company. Those diehard fans are not enough to save the console from a distant third place, this generation, and not enough to sustain it much longer. It's just a matter of time before the Wii U becomes a bargain bin item, mostly forgotten and ignored, just like the original Wii before it. And in the end, Nintendo will have learned nothing from their mistakes.

N4g_null1287d ago

cheaply made does not last as long as nintendo hardware... Yes I had 4 ps2s and 2 ps1, a ps3 i'm afraid to play because it may break... we will not even talk about RROD.

Power wise all of these systems suck. They are all low spec. When all you are getting is a few more pixel or effects while lowering the actually framerate or exposing you game logic to horrible flaws because the system just can not keep up with how you are pushing it.

On the ps3 it was ok to have 12fps drops, no replay value, and then sell you the same game upgraded to run correctly on next gen hardware. This would not be ok to the legion of nintendo haters.

Also stop making up things. the wiiu hardware is doing just fine by nintendo, making profit and just fine by gamers... tons of highly rated games old stand bys and great deals of games that actually played worst last gen. Crazy replayabilty. Sleeper hits like monster hunter, nintendo land, xenoblade, the ninja gaiden fix, the w100 and the bayo series.

The bottom line is no one listens to what gamers want. Ps3 gamers wanted xbox like online for free... now you pay for it. They wanted exclusives last gen now you get a bunch of remakes. You guys are just like the nintendo fans that waited through the droughts. Sure you can play 3rd party games but so can any one else. If you are a kids and only want one system it should be a new 3ds not a ps4 because you might have to get a pc eventually to play the games the way they where cgi- up to look like.

Right now sony is riding a wave or bubble. It is very similar to when people would argue about sony having the better tv, or tech. When people wake up to the fact that sony is just a little better tech wise and no true good games are coming from them gamers will move else where. The truth is only MS can sustain movie gaming, which is losing tons of money on it. It sounds like sony is about to go casual also at E3. They have already started laying off talent like konami did.

marloc_x1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

^You buckled up for Nintendo's E3 schiller?^

wonderfulmonkeyman1287d ago

He's not worth replying to, bro. All he cares about is specs, graphical realism, and sales.
No sense trying to reason with someone so narrow-minded.