Rumor: PS4 with 1TB HDD spotted at Amazon

For the first time, a potential new PS4 model with a 1TB hard drive has been spotted at Amazon.

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DarkOcelet1256d ago

401 EUR give 446$ so we will most likely get a price cut for the original PS4 to 350$ maybe.

core_51256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I think they just replace the model with same price but more value ...

DarkOcelet1256d ago

I doubt they will put the 500GB and 1000GB models for the same price. It doesnt make sense at all.

Yi-Long1256d ago

TBH, I feel 1TB is still not enough in this generation.

2 weeks orso ago I already had to start deleting content/games from my 500GB HDD to make room for The Witcher 3.

I know I should just buy a 2TB HDD and install that, but currently my PS4 also suffers occasionally from the disc-eject error, so it would suck if I upgrade my current PS4 only to find it breaking down more in the coming months.

Might rather buy a completely new PS4, but obviously preferably with a 2TB HDD installed already.

freshslicepizza1256d ago

they might come out with a 1b model for the same price and discontinue the old one along with other refinements.

i expect bundles this year not a price drop.

JMaine5181256d ago

Yea that sounds about right.

solid_snake36561256d ago

Id just buy a ps4 with the smallest hdd, and put my own sshd in their.

caseh1256d ago

Expensive would be an understatement considering the capacity you ideally want. A hybrid is the smartest option with the PS4.

lelo2play1256d ago


Don't mistake sshd with ssd. sshd is a hybrid.

Eonjay1256d ago

What an odd amount... anyway I wasn't sure whether to expect the new model at E3. With this development, its certain.

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showtimefolks1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I don't know why but I feel like sony will announce a 1TB ps4 for $349. Yes ps4 doesn't need a price drop but I think sony will do that

Or we could see a summer bundle 1TB ps4 with 2 games download from psn for $399 (any of these 2 in the bundle. The last of us, drive club, the order 1886, knack, kill zone)

I think price drop will only happen if ms doesn't something drastic during thru e3. Sony goes last for conference so I am sure they will have a plan A and plan B.

Oh and btw amazon is awesome for leaking a lot of stuff lol

MasterCornholio1256d ago

I have a feeling that the price drop will be used to phase the 500GB model out.

The 1TB one should be the standard model from now on.

uth111256d ago

according to FCC filings, they'll be producing a slightly modified 500gb model as well as a 1tb model. So I don't think the 500gb will disappear just yet. It will become the value edition

ScorpiusX1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

@Showtime wouldn't adding more memory cost , if so how does selling it at 349.00 make sense . (Just curious )
As for the MS doing something I hope anything involving price happens after the event , no need to give anyone one a chance to upper hand them again.

Like the effort both companies are making , but am still liking the External hard drive concept . I rather prefer to have more memory than have to play the deleting game

MasterCornholio1256d ago

The deleting game isn't that big of a deal when the install times are short.

At least that's what I discovered from my experience.

I remember the PS3 had horrible install times so I plan out my deletes very carefully. With my PS4 that doesn't happen because i can always reinstall the game in a minute or two.

OB1Biker1256d ago

Exactly. I don't get why people would need to keep so many games on their HD if they have the retail copy

MasterCornholio1256d ago

Sell the 500GB model for 350$ and the 1TB model for 399$.

That's what I'm expecting.

SmielmaN1256d ago

This seams logical. I suppose they could sell the 1TB at $450 though and announce a 500gb Slim at $400? Save the price drop for the holidays?

ZaWarudo1256d ago

Either Sony will phase out the 500GB, or keep the 500GB option at $349.
1TB at $399 would be wonderful.

LexHazard791256d ago

I was thinking same thing. Great move!

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