Devs report PC gamers already abusing Steam Refund

MWEB GameZone writes: "It’s been less than a week since Valve implemented the Steam Refunds system. Unfortunately, concerns raised were not unfounded as Indie developers are already reporting apparent refund abuse.

Are PC gamers abusing the Steam Refunds system and how can Valve safeguard developers from abuse?"

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HoldenZA1167d ago

Disappointing to see a system that has been created with good intentions, being abused already.


Sillicur1167d ago

Especially for indie developers with possible low budgets and trying to build a company :(

freshslicepizza1167d ago

this had been going on for how long with physical games at retail? they had to change their policies because of abuse and now once it's opened it's hard to return. costco used to have awesome policies returning stuff then consumers abused it for computers because of the nature of depreciation.

the point is you will always have a sub-standard citizen out there looking for loopholes. however it won't take much for valve to notice a pattern among steam users since they can collect data and they can change the policy if they think it;s being abused.

neoandrew1167d ago

Disappointing is, that someone want to sell you weak game and till now they were abusing you, if the game was awful and not interesting just after hour or so, you couldn't just refund, now you can.

So now it is better, pro consumer rights have won and no one can sell you 1 hour shi* now.

Dario_DC1167d ago

How are they abusing you?? Do you just buy games at random?? Don't you do your research before?
I never bought a game I didn't like.
Now you have tons of "gamers" trying games and asking refunds like there's no tomorrow... Indie developers are getting affected by this big time.
This will drive a ton of indie developers out of Steam.

Razputin1167d ago

Research or not you'll never really know if you like a game without trying it.

Large groups of people love games like Terarria, Rust, DayZ and the such from indies. But a lot of people don't either. I know I don't but if I were to give it a try I might enjoy it.

I'm not going to take that $10, 20, 30 risk even though I have 1600 steam games.

If developers and publishers would release demos again, and put time and focus and put a well balanced section of the game, I'm more than sure their sales will be helped.

Bimkoblerutso1167d ago


I find it very, VERY hard to believe that you have never bought a game you did not like, but that's fine. Let's just say we all believe that. I literally know absolutely no one else that can make the same claim.

It should be apparent at this point in the industry that devs and pubs are not out to be consumers' friends. They get away with as much as consumers let them, and the popular trend - especially this generation - has been to outright misrepresent their games leading up to their release.

And just to be clear, there are a TON of terrible, terrible indie games on Steam that are absolute garbage. For every wonderful, creative indie game out there, there are ten that honestly have not had enough work put into them to warrant a price tag of any kind. The vast majority of indie games on Steam are bottom-feeding clones that latch onto popular fads and appeal to the lowest common denominator. At their best, indie games represent all that is great about this industry, but romanticizing the indie scene does not change the fact that most games are just flat out crap made to make a quick buck.

I'm not saying that Steam's system is perfect, and I think we should all be open to tweaking, but don't act like this is giving the average consumer the tools to screw over poor, defenseless indie devs.

neoandrew1166d ago

Then i guess ton of indie developers are just making poor games, even if they are cheap, they can't be cheap games if you know that i mean.

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lelo2play1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

If a game is good, people will not feel the need to ask for a refund after a hour of gameplay.
There are just way too many crap games on Steam. Refund is a great idea, it will separate the good games from the bad games. Everything that's in favour of the consumer, gets my vote.

I'm sure the developers complaining are the ones that have sh***y games. Feel sorry for some developers, but the consumer comes first.

styferion1167d ago

to be fair, if there's sh***y developer selling crap games then there are also sh***y cheap consumer who abuse the loophole this created, enjoying decent games for free.
Refund policies need to be implemented, that's for sure, but as it is now it needs revision to make things fair.

subtenko1167d ago

How about the fact that SOME developers were abusing US! Point the finger at the gamer....sure.

Of course SOME gamers will abuse it, but Devs have been making crap, and sometimes misleading games that are NOT worth the money sold for. Some are a mess and playing it makes you feel like "sh*t they took the money and ran"

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SonZeRo1167d ago

Knew this would happen, The indies should have put pressure onto valve to include a clause before this went live, or shortly afterwards.

Sillicur1167d ago

They definately should have. Hopefully valve will do something about this soon. As mentioned in the article, shorter games, even AAA games like MGS: Ground Zero could be affected

Sillicur1167d ago

Its sad that the PC gaming community on Steam is so predictable in their want for abusing a system :(

xPhearR3dx1167d ago

Not really, you put this refund system into Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo services etc and the same thing will happen. Shitty people just exist and like to abuse things, and those types of people are in every community, their not exclusive.

lord zaid1167d ago

There's a shocker. Of course this was going to happen. Valve just needs to take responsibility and plug holes as they happen and look after the developers.

Sillicur1167d ago

The amount of sales dropped repoted by one developer is shocking though. I knew it would have an impact, but over 50% of sales since the implementation is pretty drastic.

IrishSt0ner1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Doesn't sound as drastic when you state the actual numbers. 18 sales in 3 days, 13 of which were refunded. This is a $1.99 game. 72% drop in sales does sound much worse.

This is sensationalist attention grabbing when put it in context...

2015 so far has saw 50 million game sales with an average price of $12.35 and 5 hours played.

So in reality the overwhelming majority won't even be eligible for refund.

Choc_Salties1167d ago

Its the small honest guys that are getting hit here, whereas those where this would be needing this the most, like say, Ubisoft and their shenanigans, don't get what they deserve...

Makes me angry...

Sillicur1167d ago

Exactly, thats the worst thing about all this :(

Roccetarius1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Don't put a Halo on the indies like they're innocent here. They're just as much a part of the problem with the junk that's being released on Steam today.

Now it's time to kick out the problems and introduce some quality control. Besides, the percentages sound a lot less worse when you look at the actual sales.

traumadisaster1167d ago

The small honest guys won't have a problem if they sell a game people want to keep.

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