Newly Announced Mecha Shooter Figureheads by Square Enix Gets First Story Details

Today Square Enix announced Figureheads, a free to play PC exclusive mecha shooter scheduled for release this year, and they provided the first story details in a press release.

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DarkOcelet1017d ago

It looks nice, a bit of Vanquish in there too.

G3n3raL861017d ago

You know, i would kill for a Vanquish 2...

DarkOcelet1017d ago

Tell me about it. That game was so underrated.

pasta_spice1017d ago

That's an unfortunate logo for the game.

Abriael1017d ago

Not very legible, is it?

Relientk771017d ago

Square Enix wasn't very good at handwriting in school

Relientk771017d ago

All I really see is the F, U, and H

pompombrum1017d ago

If they are going to make a mecha game, why not a proper front mission? That would be so hype.

Pozzle1017d ago

It's funny you mention that. Apparently a new Front Mission is about to be announced:

never4get1017d ago

Yeah, why Sony can't have a real-life robot battle, since according to Guinness World Records, they've made the first bipedal robot capable of running, called Qrio? Maybe because the PS3 was too expensive, causing Sony to lose billions, at the same Square Enix are too dependent on the success of Sony platform, lose so much of their source of capital for a proper front mission? Perhaps the developer needs a little experience before making a proper game.

ZaWarudo1017d ago

We need more mech games.

gangsta_red1016d ago

PC only gamne, very interesting.