OpTic Gaming Wins Back To Back Gold Medals at XGames 2015

Coming off of three consecutive first place finishes at ESWC, GFinity and UMG California 35K, OpTic Gaming has secured their fourth Call of Duty championship in a row and back to back gold medals at XGames 2015 in Austin, Texas with a dominating 4-0 victory against FaZe.

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Moldiver1286d ago

I taught them well..... ;)

Rimeskeem1286d ago

I still think professional CoD is something that shouldn't exist.

Paytaa1286d ago

Agreed. Would've made more sense with CoD 4 ProMod because that was really competitive and could have been an alternative to Counter-Strike

EvilWay1286d ago

I would for you to elaborate on this?

venom061286d ago

No way in HELL is this any kind of "X-Game" or a sport, but at this point, it's all about money. This is no more an X-Game than chess. Nerds playing a FPS being called a sport is so freakin laughable.. Pretty much at this point, it's just something for folks to milk like a cow and never actually be critical of.

King-u-mad1286d ago

I honestly don't understand how they go so far as to legitimately make a casual game competitive. It doesn't even make sense. You can't be casually competitive. It's one or the other lol.

scark921286d ago

*Insert Vuvuzela sounds*

Fishy Fingers1286d ago

Still baffles me that this is even part of the X games.

n4rc1286d ago

i know right?

EXTREME!!! click click click click.....

FITgamer1286d ago

It's stupid. It's not a sport and it definitely isn't extreme.