IGN: Too Human Preview

The star of Silicon Knights' upcoming action-RPG, Baldur, begins the game as something some of the other Norse gods believe to be too human. The Aesir use cybernetic implants to improve themselves, but Baldur only has trace implants that can enable other modules to be added. In addition to giving Baldur that spider web blue design that criss-crosses his face, this also sets him up as a blank slate for the player to improve as he or she sees fit. For more on the upgrade and physical augmentation systems in Too Human, IGN went to Ken McCulloch, Director of Content and Henry Sterchi, Director of Design.

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FCOLitsjustagame3796d ago

Me too.
The demo was great fun, but I need more.

THE_MACC3796d ago

Yeah this is going to be wicked. I can't wait!