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David Hayter Needs Your Help . . . Will You Answer the Codec?

Snake himself (the real-life, writerly version) is facing yet another threat (and this time, it's not from another Metal Gear prototype). He wants to write the Metal Gear Solid movie -yet Konami won't let him. You can help by putting down the PS3 controller (just wait for a cutscene), and signing David Hayter's online petition. (Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS2, PS3)

Fishy Fingers  +   2597d ago
While I thank David for all that he has done for MGS, there are much better screen writers out there. So as a huge MGS fan (avatar) I wont be signing any petition.
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kingOVsticks  +   2597d ago
I agree I remember watching gametrailers when he was being interviewed and at times he sounded like he didn't know what the hell is going on in the Metal gear universe.
PirateThom  +   2597d ago
Here's the thing, he already knows more than any other scriptwriter because he actually plays the games.
Panthers  +   2597d ago
Only a super fanboy would want him to write it. I would rather have Christopher Nolan write and direct it!
gaffyh  +   2597d ago
The people who wrote the script for the game should write the script for the movie. It's just stupid if David Hayter does it (no offence to him, he's a good voice actor, but it doesn't mean he's a good script writer)
deeznuts  +   2597d ago
gaffyh, he's written a few scripts. X-men, and X2. Funny imdb is listing him as the writer for MGS4 already


I'd rather have nolan do it. batman movies are awesome!
Statix  +   2597d ago
I just think the guy's a tad self-centered to think that he would absolutely be the best screenwriter for the job. I know he has X2 to his credit, but still.
Gravitons  +   2597d ago
I agree with you. Hes been great with the series, but his writing really isn't all that top notch.
spec_ops_comm  +   2597d ago
I completely agree.

I'm going to wait to see how Hayter's 'Watchmen' turns out in 2009. He is one of the lead screenplay writers on this film, and it looks like its got quite the budget so far.
PirateThom  +   2597d ago
As a fan of the series, I believe Mr. Hayter understands the series enough to not let me down. There may be better choices, there's definitely a lot worse, but bar Hideo Kojima, I doubt anyone understands the series and what it means to fans like David Hayter does.
Transporter47  +   2597d ago
no he doesn't
as much as i like how he talks like snake he doesn't need to write anything for the movie, he should let Kojima and whoever Kojima chooses to write it because Hayter he is just the voice and a voice actor is all he is i seen him talk about the game and he does not convince me one bit that he knows the MGS Universe well enough
thebudgetgamer  +   2597d ago
kurt russel as big boss?
theusedfake  +   2597d ago
at last, someone feels as i do haha

Kurt Russel should be the ONLY choice
for big boss.
orakga  +   2597d ago
As a fan of the series myself..
... I *wouldn't* want him to write the script.
I'd actually sign an anti-petition if they came up with one.

The reason?

Hayter does not understand the MGO universe as the creators made it. In fact, Hayter nearly got cut from the MGS series during the production of MGS3 because he refused to voice-act as the Japanese directors were asking him to. He insisted that his version of Snake was the true Snake, and that Konami didn't understand Metal Gear well enough. (LOL)

Anybody who claims that "Hayter understands the Metal Gear universe better than Konami because he played all MGS games"... well,... needs to reconsider his/her logic. It's sheer nonsense.
Baka-akaB  +   2597d ago
When you settle that way for average , and the security of such a guy because he play the game ... i dout the movie would be any good . No they need to be completely bold or hire a seasoned and good writer and director
Sixark  +   2597d ago
While Hayter may not be the best screenwriter out there, he does have a leg up on all the other screenwriters in that he actually knows more about the Metal Gear universe than them.

Regardless though, I think making a Metal Gear movie is a horrible idea simply because the games themselves were awesome (and pretty much movies themselves). I think that a movie version of Metal Gear will fail to live up to the quality established from the games.
Yo Mama  +   2597d ago
This article needs to be edited. David Hayter made it clear in multiple interviews a few weeks ago that he would NEVER petition online for the writing job of MGS: The Movie. This article makes it seem as if it is David Hayter who started this petition. He didn't. Very misleading news item.
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nomad117  +   2597d ago
Well never mind forget this comment... go away now
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Th3 Chr0nic  +   2597d ago
So he wrote for Scorpion king, x-men and x-men 2 movies......none of those movies were huge huge hits. they were not bad movies but with the story of MGS which can be rather complex itself i think the fans of the series and the creators of the series deserve something more than just ok to mediocre. If there is a MGS movie i would hope it to be more than just anohter video game or comic movie produced with the hopes of a summer smash. i want to see at least 2 hours of epic story and action. or maybe 2 movies made that can cover the whole story instead on cramming it into one condensed hollywood flop.
deeznuts  +   2597d ago
X-men, $296M. X2, $402M. Scorpion King (bleh) $164M.

Youy sure none of his movies were bug hits???????????
Th3 Chr0nic  +   2597d ago
Im not talking money im talking quality of cinematic experience and i would expect more from an MGS movie. but to really make it what it needs to be the budget would be out of this world to do it real justice so it will never happen that way.
NegativeCreep427  +   2597d ago
I just signed my signiture right now.
The MGS franchise is synonymous with epic stories and unforgettable characters. The Metal Gear Solid movie needs to stay true to the games roots, and I believe the man who has been involved with the last 4 incarnations of the Metal Gear Solid series would be a great asset to a true concoction of the MGS film.
Bigrhyno  +   2597d ago
I say we raise Kubrick from the dead to do this one. If anyone can do it Kojima can.

Can't post in Gamerzone.
DJ  +   2597d ago
This is fake.
He stated publicly at Anime Expo that he would Never do a petition (online or otherwise). He would love to write the script, but understands why he wasn't chosen. Plus he's already working on two other movies.
CertifiedGamer  +   2597d ago
Shawn Crahan should write it
Shawn Crahan should write it him and kojima
CertifiedGamer  +   2597d ago
Sorry but shawn crahan should write it
Shawn crahan would be the perfect director and add a new enemy called the maggit with kojima
Th3 Chr0nic  +   2597d ago
The article is misleading
everyone pointing out that this is fake is right to an extent. The articles lead you to beleive that this petition belongs to mr hayter but if you actually read the petition site it tells who the creator is and even thir contact info:
"The The David Hayter to write Metal Gear Solid Film Petition to Sony Studios was created by Members of Balcony Tv.com and written by Alex O'Regan ([email protected]). This petition is hosted here at www.PetitionOnline.com as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. For technical support please use our simple Petition Help form. "
Manatee  +   2597d ago
Only the synopsis is misleading--the article itself never says it's "David Hayter's petition," just that it's a petition designed to help allow him to write the script. The article does, however, imply the petition is endorsed by Otacon, which may or may not be accurate.
tatotiburon  +   2597d ago
a voice actor trying to write a movie?? EPIC FAIL..David you are an Voice Actor, NOT a writter, get over it...Peter Jackson is behind Halo Movie and he is an academy award winner, not master chief voice. MGS Movie need real actors and real writters.
Baka-akaB  +   2597d ago
He's already a writer you fool ....
I disagree as well with his choice based upon his fanboyism of the serie , especially when he got his own vision that greatly differ from Kojima's (if you dont understand this just refer to his latest interviews when he comments about mgs4's end) , and also based on the fact you love his voice ... this is an utterly wrong reason to choose him .

Now if his credits are better than another choice of writer , so be it , get hayter instead .
Highwayman  +   2597d ago
He shouldn't wirte it. The man has got a talent, but I don't think screenwriting is it. Better left to the ones who do it for a living.

Really though if they make an MGS movie, I hope they implement the opening cut scence from MGS:2.
LeShin  +   2597d ago
Sorry, but I have to disagree with some of you posters. I think David SHOULD write the script.


Apart from the fact he's read all the MGS scripts since the PSOne and the fact he's a good screenwriter (though I didn't like Xmen 1 but loved 2 and can't wait to see what he's done with The Watchmen!), do you honestly think Christopher Nolan is gonna direct it or someone of his caliber? They would cost a bomb. We'll probably end half with a half wit screenwriter who would just disgrace the game.

Name a GOOD game to movie translation?

Hard question to answer isn't it? lol. I personally only like 2 that have been made, ones the ORIGINAL Mortal Kombat and the other's Silent Hill. The screenwriters for those movies were great. All the other screenwriters that did other game to movie adaptations were crap. (the screenwriter who did Streetfighter the movie should be tarred then drawn and quartered for that abomination!)
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ACX174  +   2597d ago
Agreed with the other people who posted, this is a misleading article. Doesn't say who wrote it (says Otacon but obviously not true since Otacon is a fictional character), but if David Hayter wanted to petition this, he would not have done it like this article here.

On top of that, as DJ posted above this: "He stated publicly at Anime Expo that he would Never do a petition (online or otherwise). He would love to write the script, but understands why he wasn't chosen. Plus he's already working on two other movies."

Therefore, this article was written up by someone else, NOT David Hayter.
Baka-akaB  +   2597d ago
Screw that kind of petition , like i said eons ago ... Hayter isnt owed anything . Ok he was ONE of the voices of snake (the japanese one deserves as much credit imo) and he happens to be a successful (as in commercial success ) screenwriter and loves the franchise , but that doesnt give him dibs .

It's up to kojima and or movies representative to select whoever they want . especially if they want to hire better screenwriter or if kojima wants to do the work . I'm sorry but with all due respect X1 and 2 didnt shine through their dialogues , people are only mentioning this part of his work because it's a major commercial success , but it's hardly the deepest story there is . We dont know if he isnt butchering for all we known Watchmen ...

And if you emphase X1-2 you should also highlight the mediocrity that is Scorpion King ...
his track record isnt full proof , and if they choose someone else , well please compare both , before screaming foul .
villevalorox  +   2597d ago
well i think it would be a good ideal if Hideo approved of the script before it was made into a movie/.
Meresin  +   2597d ago
It isn't "David Hayter's petition." It's a fan petition. He had nothing to do with starting it.


An excerpt from Hayter's letter to 1up:

"Finally, Mr. Fitch wrote, "With Sony seemingly intent on making a Metal Gear Solid movie -- with Hayter petitioning to write the script..." This is also untrue. I was contacted by an industrious young man, whose name I believe is Alexander Rogen (though that may be a mangling of his real and internet names), asking me how he could get the powers-that-be to agree to let me write the script. I told him that it was Sony's decision, and he undertook it himself (Alexander is 13 years old), to begin an online petition, asking for signatures in support of that. As I told everyone at the panel, I had pitched a Metal Gear movie outline to the MGS producers a few months back, and they opted not to hire me. That is a choice they are entirely free to make. I am not, nor will I ever be, "petitioning" anyone to hire me for anything. I am not suffering for screenwriting offers. I just thought I had something to offer that particular film, given my peculiar history. If someone else writes the film, then I wish him or her nothing but success. I want to see a good MGS film as much as any fan."

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Enigma_2099  +   2595d ago
If he's behind this petition...
Why's he referring to himself in the 3rd person?

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