David Hayter Needs Your Help . . . Will You Answer the Codec?

Snake himself (the real-life, writerly version) is facing yet another threat (and this time, it's not from another Metal Gear prototype). He wants to write the Metal Gear Solid movie -yet Konami won't let him. You can help by putting down the PS3 controller (just wait for a cutscene), and signing David Hayter's online petition.

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Fishy Fingers3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

While I thank David for all that he has done for MGS, there are much better screen writers out there. So as a huge MGS fan (avatar) I wont be signing any petition.

kingOVsticks3795d ago

I agree I remember watching gametrailers when he was being interviewed and at times he sounded like he didn't know what the hell is going on in the Metal gear universe.

PirateThom3795d ago

Here's the thing, he already knows more than any other scriptwriter because he actually plays the games.

Panthers3795d ago

Only a super fanboy would want him to write it. I would rather have Christopher Nolan write and direct it!

gaffyh3795d ago

The people who wrote the script for the game should write the script for the movie. It's just stupid if David Hayter does it (no offence to him, he's a good voice actor, but it doesn't mean he's a good script writer)

deeznuts3795d ago

gaffyh, he's written a few scripts. X-men, and X2. Funny imdb is listing him as the writer for MGS4 already

I'd rather have nolan do it. batman movies are awesome!

Statix3795d ago

I just think the guy's a tad self-centered to think that he would absolutely be the best screenwriter for the job. I know he has X2 to his credit, but still.

Gravitons3795d ago

I agree with you. Hes been great with the series, but his writing really isn't all that top notch.

spec_ops_comm3795d ago

I completely agree.

I'm going to wait to see how Hayter's 'Watchmen' turns out in 2009. He is one of the lead screenplay writers on this film, and it looks like its got quite the budget so far.

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PirateThom3795d ago

As a fan of the series, I believe Mr. Hayter understands the series enough to not let me down. There may be better choices, there's definitely a lot worse, but bar Hideo Kojima, I doubt anyone understands the series and what it means to fans like David Hayter does.

Transporter473795d ago

as much as i like how he talks like snake he doesn't need to write anything for the movie, he should let Kojima and whoever Kojima chooses to write it because Hayter he is just the voice and a voice actor is all he is i seen him talk about the game and he does not convince me one bit that he knows the MGS Universe well enough

theusedfake3795d ago

at last, someone feels as i do haha

Kurt Russel should be the ONLY choice
for big boss.

orakga3795d ago

... I *wouldn't* want him to write the script.
I'd actually sign an anti-petition if they came up with one.

The reason?

Hayter does not understand the MGO universe as the creators made it. In fact, Hayter nearly got cut from the MGS series during the production of MGS3 because he refused to voice-act as the Japanese directors were asking him to. He insisted that his version of Snake was the true Snake, and that Konami didn't understand Metal Gear well enough. (LOL)

Anybody who claims that "Hayter understands the Metal Gear universe better than Konami because he played all MGS games"... well,... needs to reconsider his/her logic. It's sheer nonsense.

Baka-akaB3795d ago

When you settle that way for average , and the security of such a guy because he play the game ... i dout the movie would be any good . No they need to be completely bold or hire a seasoned and good writer and director

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Sixark3795d ago

While Hayter may not be the best screenwriter out there, he does have a leg up on all the other screenwriters in that he actually knows more about the Metal Gear universe than them.

Regardless though, I think making a Metal Gear movie is a horrible idea simply because the games themselves were awesome (and pretty much movies themselves). I think that a movie version of Metal Gear will fail to live up to the quality established from the games.

Yo Mama3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

This article needs to be edited. David Hayter made it clear in multiple interviews a few weeks ago that he would NEVER petition online for the writing job of MGS: The Movie. This article makes it seem as if it is David Hayter who started this petition. He didn't. Very misleading news item.

nomad1173795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Well never mind forget this comment... go away now

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