Civilization Revolution a death knell for PC gaming?

Globe & Mail reporter says, "Now that I can play Civilization on a console, one of the few remaining reasons I had to keep a gaming rig around has been lost."

More excerpts from the story: "PC gamers have had a hard time of it in recent years. They've watched helplessly as escalating software piracy and dwindling audiences have forced the platform's top publishers to slowly migrate their games to the more lucrative world of consoles. The latest blow? Sid Meier's Civilization. This brilliant and beloved franchise has been an age-old bastion of the PC gaming world, but it has just made its own strategic and impressive stride from dens and desks to living rooms and couches in the form of Civilization Revolution, an original game designed from the ground up for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3...."

"The last time Mr. Meier tried to port his popular turn-based strategy series to a console was 10 years ago, when Civilization II came to the original PlayStation. A lacklustre game, long-time franchise fans found it too dumbed down and pined for a more nimble keyboard and mouse interface. Meanwhile, sofa-bound gamers newly introduced to the franchise wondered why so much fuss had ever been made over such a slow moving, bland looking game with awkward controls. It served to confirm many players' belief that the intricacies and complexities of Civilization were incongruous with home consoles. Civilization Revolution, on the other hand, is a masterful reinvention of the Civilization experience that plays to the strengths of console gaming. It features fast-paced, streamlined play with which it is nigh impossible to become bored, and offers up a smart and intuitive gamepad interface that allows players to scroll through units and call up context sensitive menus at the touch of just a button or two."

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Not sure pc gaming will ever die - i think that there are more people playing WoW (just one game) than there are subscribed to the 360's xbox live service.

MMO's,RTS's and FPS's are all still big on PC's and i doubt that trend will stop anytime soon.

Charmers3769d ago

Yeah yeah PC dying yadda yadda just because the xbox 360 gets ONE turn based strategy game. Well run for the hills ma the PC has Devil May Cry 4, coming to the PC are burnout paradise and streetfigher (all considered console games). Oh well according to this guys logic then the consoles are dying. Why get a console when you can play console games on your home PC.

The guy totally over simplifies things. I get the feeling real Civ fans will mock this console dumbed down version and will happily await the exclusive Civilization IV: Colonization on the PC. Personally speaking I got bored of the Civ series a long long time ago and it would take alot more than a stripped to pieces kiddie graphic version of Civillization (ie revolutions) to get me playing it again. Infact I would say part of the problem I have with civillization these days is the graphics, too much flash and not enough substance.

mariusmal3769d ago

go play civ4 and it's expansions and then talk to me plz