Da Fuq I Just Play?: Fairytale Fights


I have A LOT of games. They traverse all the generations that have been, and there are some gems in there that I’ve yet to play. Fairytale Fights happened to be one of those, I popped it into my Xbox 360 recently at the behest of a friend, and the first thing that entered my mind was “Da fuq am I playing?”

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jokerman271288d ago

There's so many games out there that make you say this, I can't wait to find more of them!

SegaGamer1288d ago

I actually enjoyed this game when i played it. I love crazy games like this one.

WizzroSupreme1288d ago

This game looks it'd give me nightmares.

jokerman271287d ago

Nah, no nightmares, just glorious violence.

TheOnlyMastrx1288d ago

I have this game, so much fun! Better with some coop buddies.