Sony Video Store Is Great, But Still Not Up To Par

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "A year and a half after the launch of the PS3, Sony finally delivers the goods on the video store. They offer SD and HD films, rentals and purchases. Has Sony finally given PS3 users the edge with the video store or is it just a bad copy of the Xbox Live Video Marketplace?"

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PoSTedUP3794d ago

you can purchase the movie for keeps, and bluray is like half the price on the video store.

i believe sony will be getting the better movies too imo cause they own alot of studios : P

ima give it some time for them to have alot of content, i hate how people criticize something when it firsts comes out, they dont give it time for some reason, trophy's, the ps3, videostore etc. the ps3 just came out and people dont hesitate to criticize it because i believe they want to talk all the sh*t they can now wile they still can cause they know deep down sony gunna reign supreme in the end, sony is just getting started. its been a year and a half and even less in EU give it some time. yall act like it failed already when the truth is it is just getting started.

Kleptic3794d ago

I only have a weak 3mb down/1.5 up DSL is all that currently is available in my area, so I have to live with seems nearly flawless though for online gaming...I reguarly host ground wars in CoD 4 (which I understand puts more stress on uploading than anything) with little problems...and can manage full maps with 16 players on Warhawk also...

I am only pointing this out because I had zero trouble streaming Child's Play last friday night...granted, that was only available in SD...but it started in about 30 seconds, and didn't hang up once the entire this guy is right, its all on Sony's end if anyone is really having trouble with speeds...

in fact, this summer everything seems to be faster from the PSN...I regularly get 500kbs downloads for demos and videos, and seemingly for FW updates too...of which I was lucky to get 50kbps a year ago on the same connection...

they will keep up with that...server infrastructure is the expensive part of a service like this...getting those speeds up will come with time and support...I thought it worked great for such a virgin service...but thats just me...

the things I want fixed though are the sound...I have a pretty decent theater hooked up to the PS3...and I simply won't be buying or renting a lot of movies from the PSN if it all has that hugely compressed 2 channel sound...I simply played child's play through the televisions speakers, because the static and hiss out of the 7.1 channel system sounded like I was watching a VHS tape...

I also want that DRM stuff worked out...I understand locking a rental to the PS3...but not something you buy...there are several movies that I would purchase immediately if I could transfer them to my laptop for traveling...I understand that opens the door for piracy by burning it to DVD and giving it there is probably nothing that will be done in this area...but what does XBL do?...can you move films off of the 360 to a PC or something?

i love movies just as much as games...but its a bit of a strange time for film right now...I refuse to pay close to 30 dollars for a BD film right now, especially when i can get the DVD for just over 10...I own hundreds of DVDs, but haven't purchased a new DVD this year (bought 3 BDs that were on special at best buy though)...This PSN thing is great for rentals, but if I buy a movie that is permantly stuck on my PS3 with crap sound...its something i won't do very often, if ever...

I am glad the PSN has this though...the amount of content it launched with was very impressive out the door (its over 1000 individual pieces of content isn't it?)...and as long as its something the keep after, it will get even just make it easier to remotely control this...if I could control what I download to the PS3 while I am work on a its there when I get home...I would use the service a whole lot more for rentals...

butterfinger3794d ago

no one was honestly expecting it to be up to par upon release. I'm just happy that Sony didn't make us wait until they had 100,000 titles or something to release it. I'm looking forward to watching the video store expand in many different directions:) The PSN is only getting better people, and you still don't have to pay to use it.

Ben10543794d ago

well i like the design and the........ wait i live in Europe, i get pushed aside and i don't get the store until 2009, so looks like your going to have to wait to hear my review (unless someone tells me how to do that proxy thing).

butterfinger3794d ago

you could figure out how to make a US account on youtube or something:P

Ben10543794d ago

I have a US PS account, but sony checks your Ip address to see what country your in, and if you live in england with a US account the Video Store tab wont be there

Kleptic3794d ago

yeah the video store section of the PSN is regionally law...many movies on the service may not be regionally available to all territories..

the rest of the PSN, as well as all PS3 games, are not regional...that is why you can make a fake account for any territory to access game related media...

I am not saying you said this...but this is not an example of Sony screwing Europe again...This was all enforced by every movie studio most likely, not just Sony...localization and regional encoding is a majorly time consuming procedure for PAL territories, and with studios forcing sony to do it, there was pretty much no option for a simultaneous release of the service (the US in contrast doesn't require even a fifth of the localization with languages and ratings that Europe does...and seeing how most content on the service came from the US in the first place, it was already good to go)

rdgneoz33794d ago

but you can get the video store from england. They had an article on it the other day.

Takes a bit of work but it gets around it.

Ben10543794d ago

Lots of people are saying that its due to the film studios not wanting it here yet because some of the films are not out on dvd here yet because we get films late here, so there not going to want it on the store.
But if that is the reason, why cant they just do what they do with the PS Store and release some (most) titles late here in Europe, and give us some of the older films and shows on the videos store now.
The reason why this annoys me is because it isn't just the video store that they are giving us late, there are lots of stuff on the PS Store that comes here late and some content doesn't even get released here at all. Then theres the price, we pay much more for stuff on the PS Store and the price that we have to pay for the playstation its self ($600).

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LSDARBY3794d ago

are there any tv shows on there yet? i live in the uk so i havent seen it yet lol

butterfinger3794d ago

a decent amount of TV shows available, but most of them are only in SD. My biggest beef with the video store is that I want all of the content to be available in HD not just some of it.

Kleptic3794d ago

kind of a tall order sir^^...a lot of the tv shows were not even made in the most you could hope for is simply an upscaled version...which wouldn't be much better than just letting the PS3 or the TV do it in the first place...

I understand films though...assuming the movie was made using film in the first place, there is no reason that the studio can't properly encode it in an HD format...over time, that will be more normal...

socalr63794d ago

I was gone all weekend , what did I miss? Lat night my roadrunner internet was down. Video store up now, shweet!!

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