Media Molecule Miffed By David Reeves "Itunes Meets Ebay" LBP Comment

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"Media Molecule, developers of the upcoming LittleBigPlanet game, apparently receiving 'not-so-nice' emails from fans who read the comments David Reeves (President of SCEE) made to PS3fanboy, stating that LBP would "eventually" allow community content creators to charge other gamers for the content they create.

MM responded calling the comments 'hot air' and stating that it was 'merely a case of ye-olde-internet-crossed wires'. Below is the post directly from Media Molecule's official blog."

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Cutter203797d ago

Looks like Sony screwed up again!

Nostradavis3797d ago

This article is not a knock on MM or LBP, but it does show that MM is not very happy with the Pres of SCEE for making the comments he made.

Twizlex3797d ago

Sooo, does this mean there WON'T be any purchased stuff? What about the user-created stuff they were talking about?

Lionsguard3797d ago

It's David Reeves of SCEE don't associate SCEJ and SCEA with them.

Superfragilistic3797d ago

MM is a third party developer based in Guilford, Surrey that is owned and operated by former Lionhead staff, with the respective studios just down the road from one another.

The MM ties to Lionhead, MS and Molyneux are pretty damn thick, so Sony really ought to be more careful or buy the bloody studio already. ;)

SL1M DADDY3797d ago

He is just one person that works for Sony and should not be paid much attention to. He may head SCEE but he has always been known to be a blowhard.

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Sandwich Bender3797d ago

I really, really hope they aren't going to charge for it. I hope so much I can taste it.

Nostradavis3797d ago

Seems like charging for the content is in the plans, when exactly MM and Sony decide to kick that plan into action is not known.

I don't believe the pres of SCEE would just make those kinds of comments blindly. I think that the backlash from fans was something MM felt they had to address publicly.

Snukadaman3797d ago

"MM responded calling the comments 'hot air' and stating that it was 'merely a case of ye-olde-internet-crossed wires'."

Looks like they did just make those comments blindly and MM called them out on it.

Nostradavis3797d ago

It appears so, but he did look pretty good stuffed with gobs of money.

techie3797d ago

gobs of money?

That's a new term to me. To gob means to spit where I come from.

Nostradavis3797d ago

gobs in the US means "a large amount"

Nostradavis3797d ago

who thinks they will actually go through with the money making plan now if it was true to begin with?

3797d ago
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