Why You Need To Buy a PS3 Right Now!

The Exploding Barrel explores the argument that the current 80GB PlayStation 3 bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4, which is soon to be outphased in a matter of weeks, is a significantly better deal than the so called 'value model' Sony is releasing this September. The most important feature that will disappear with the new SKU is backwards compatibility, which allows gamers to upscale their old PS2 collection in HD resolutions with smoothing and wireless controls. The time for hardcore gamers to pony up the dough for a PS3 is now... the current 80GB model is flying off shelves, and when they're gone, so is backwards compatibility, 2 of the 4 USB ports, and the media card readers that facilitate back-ups. Don't be fooled by Sony's marketing spin at E3, the most feature-rich PlayStation 3 consoles they currently offer won't be on shelves much longer.

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Dark vader3794d ago

Its in sony best interest to keep this bundle in addition to the new 80 gig bundle this holiday season.

rroded3794d ago

ya they might switch up msg4 to something or add another bundle but lots of demand for the feature rich ps3. Cant see em dropping it but Sony sku's are hard to predict lately...

Just glad we got a 60 when they did the price drop lol

Max Power3794d ago

a littlebigplanet bundle?

ConanOBrien3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

If you're not buying SONY's godly product..

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3794d ago

Conan O Brian

You aint funny on TV

You aint funny here either

Go buy a PS3 today Binky boy

TOSgamer3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

and had the 5 free blu-ray movies by mail. But honestly you really have to wonder how important BC is to a normal user. Yeah, video games geeks go crazy over it but everyone else... not so much at least in my experience. Most people aren't into playing old games or still have a PS2. The memory card readers are nice but thumb drives are much more common and do the job for moving data.

bosels113794d ago

I never bought my PS3 to play ps2 games and never do.

AlienGorilla3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

All the people that care about BC on a PS3 already have one anyway. It's mostly the hardcore gamers that are heard on this issue and most of them have already purchased a PS3.

If there is no BC in any PS3 SKU in the future it will not affect sales at all. People buy PS3's to play PS3 games not PS2. I bought mine 1 month after launch and played one PS2 game on it. It was GOW2 and it looked so god awful on my 60" SXRD that i barely made it through.

Backwards Compatibility is way overrated. Waaaaaay overrated. Not to mention a lot of people still have their PS2's and if they want to play a PS2 game that bad, it takes 2 minutes to plug that bad boy back in.

Oh, and i haven't used the Memory Card Readers once.

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donalbane3794d ago

Yeah, if I didn't already have a PS3 that offered Backwards Compatibility, I would do whatever I had to do to get one of the MGS4 bundles before they vanish. Stripping features to reduce the price is fine, but why get rid of a popular feature like BC alltogether? Makes no sense to me.

thebudgetgamer3794d ago

but isnt bc as simple as a firmware update? if anyone knows please let me know

IdleLeeSiuLung3794d ago

there is part hardware (chips) in the PS3 for emulation. The more hardware the better compatibility. Right now the 40GB has no hardware at all and everything had to be accomplished through software. An expensive and potential long development time.

I don't think Sony will be going down that path any time soon, despite the rumoured PS2 downloadable purchased games.

Panthers3794d ago

From the way it sounded, without any PS2 hardware at all, BC is impossible. But it is just probably really difficult and expensive.

littletad3794d ago

Everyone always says, "well I have a ps2 anyways, so bc is meaningless." Yep, it sure is.

Adamalicious3794d ago

It's not, strictly speaking, impossible to have PS2 backwards compatibility without the PS2 hardware - it's just a lot more difficult as it must all be done with emulation. The 360 does all of the "compatible" Xbox games with emulation, and it's less than ideal. Each game has to be patched in to work properly, and in the case of the 360, even then it's buggy. Halo 2 has significant visual problems (shadows freezing in place) - if they can't even get that right it must be a royal pain. Essentially Sony, with it's massive back catalog, doesn't want to the can of worms that PS2 emulation would be. it's too bad, but that's the way it is. If anyone really cares about it they should have snagged a 60 gig by now.

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Nitrowolf23794d ago

why they got to loose the 2 USB ports and the media card reader?

Adamalicious3794d ago

I'm gonna guess it's to save on manufacturing costs so that they can continue to get the price down.

PhantomMD3794d ago

As far as I know the BC compatibility is not emulated on the early model ps3 like my 60 gig ...Sony pretty much built the ps2 hardware into the ps3 ...and it must have proved to expensive to do it I guess.

donalbane3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

It has hardware BC, which is the best you can get (it has ps2 innards in it and is the best overall BC solution. We could probably sell them on Ebay in a few years for a hefty fee lol) but the current 80GB model offers software BC. The current 40GB model DOESN'T have any type of BC, and that's the model that they chose to make their standard... just with twice the HD space. I liked it now, where you can choose. I guess they felt like they were over-saturating the market with too many confusing options. Still... cutting cool features seems like a poor choice.