WoW Death Knight Talent Builds Look Awesome ... Maybe A Bit Overpowered?

With the NDA lifted from the WoW beta, lots of cool things are starting to surface for those of us not lucky enough to get a beta invite yet. One user posted three different videos of the Death Knight talent builds, and how they look in action.

The class looks pretty fun to play, and in its current form, some are even suggesting it might be a bit overpowered.

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PhantomMD3770d ago

I wonder how many Deatknights are going to be running around Azeroth when the expansion comes out? I am guessing there will be tons and tons of them everywhere ...looks like some of the other classes are getting some cool abilities as well like Demonform for locks and summoning 2 ghost wolf pets for Shammys.

mirroredderorrim3770d ago

I can't be bothered with this game anymore. It took about 3 years or so of my life away.

There is so much more in this expansion... I don't want to spend any more time on mmos. I lost two years of possible income on the demon known as Warcraft.

hano3769d ago

Who cares, honestly. With all the cool PC games, how can this be so popular?