6 Problems with the Playstation Video Store

GamersPlatform Writes:

"The recent launch of the PlayStation Video Store has gotten a lot of feedback from its consumer. Some of it is bad and some of it is good. We know that PlayStation Video Store is just newly released but we want to point out how the PlayStation Video Store is currently inferior to its competition, which is the XBOX Live Video Marketplace. Hopefully, Sony will take action to this issues that have been brought up by majority of the consumers."

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Nitrowolf23795d ago

i think they need some sort of subscrition for the service.
and need the rental to last longer the 24HR after activation

rbanke3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I agree with the sub's. I have a netflix account and was really hoping both systems would eventually be able to stream the instant videos. Now on my ps3, i'm left with paying (in addition to my netflix account) for a video if i want to rent it, which doesnt really work for me. If Sony allowed me to just subscribe, i might get rid of my netflix account and just use their service.

As far as buying content, I wouldnt do it on either system because it's restricted to those systems. Why would I buy a movie (for nearly the cost of the dvd in most cases), when I can only watch it on my ps3 or psp. I have more than one tv in the house, but only one ps3. That becomes very restrictive.

ConanOBrien3795d ago

We appreciate your patience while we work to address this situation.

thebudgetgamer3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

We know that PlayStation Video Store is just newly released but we want to point out how the PlayStation Video Store is currently inferior to its competition while i agree to some points the above says it all

darthv723795d ago

That part is what gets me. You would think Sony could extend the viewing time to actual number of times viewed instead of a single 24 hours. I would like to be able to watch it once then come back to it for a second or third viewing at later times in the week. 2-3 days or 2-3 complete viewings.

Make the relicense of the movie half price considering you arent having to download it from their server again.

BattleAxe3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I'm not happy with the fact that usually the U.S. and Canadian Playstation Stores get the same content at the same time, but Canadians didn't get access to video downloads.

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grantps33795d ago

actually i only see a few flaws the selection of movies is pretty good but i hope more is added of the next few months.
i would give the video store an B+ but it was just launched more content will be added

Hagaf223795d ago

is this guy serious?
1 Lack of support- its brand new, did you expect every company to jump on board before it was out? its got a ton of material for how new it is.
2. not available world wide- ok but you have to realize there are things that are only good in certain regions, i mean what we enjoy in America could be totally lame in Australia. Give it time.
3. Cant download again- its call piracy a huge problem in the entertainment industry, grow up.
4 slow download speed- thats why you hit the watch while downloading button, it downloads faster than i can watch it which is fast enough for me. if it doesnt for this guy then hes lying about his internet speed or hes using too much of his bandwith looking at internet porn.
5 no preview option- did this guy even go in the store or watch the e3 demonstration- they showed it, while it may not be available for all movies its coming.
6 pricing- the only valid point this douche wad has.
this is a fanboy article written by a 360 fanboy upset that sony is moving up the ladder and in on some of the 360 fans. for a brand new service im more than impressed with its offerings, this guys needs to get a life and stop instigating the fanboys of the industry.

DarkBlade3795d ago

I notice the same thing. Why put the video store as a problem. It just came out.

Codeman4203795d ago

did xbox live has tons of support when it came out no was it worldwide when it came out no. so in my opinion the PS# video store is in the same position as the Xbox video store was when it first came out.

Seraphemz3795d ago

Not to totally agree with this guy, but I think that he is saying that these are issues that need to be fixed.
" We know that PlayStation Video Store is just newly released... "
" Hopefully, Sony will take action to this issues that have been brought up "

I mean for the most part, I agree that hopefully these things can be fixed so that its as good if not better than the marketplace.

SlyGuy3795d ago

would be awesome.

Not just in Japan, Europe, and Canada...but the rest of the world.

There are other countries you know!

ChampIDC3794d ago

All this guy is doing is pointing out problems that people have had. He's not saying the store sucks. Why do people always think pointing out a problem is complaining or bashing something? Yeah, Sony needs to fix things, and user feedback is a great way to point such things out.

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Overr8ed3795d ago

all Sony need is to do is to make a bundled shows,
i.e- buy season one for so much money

thats all i have to say.

Ben10543795d ago

this is like the first article i agree with every point (number 1 the least).

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