Nintendo: We're Sorry About E3

In a recent interview, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata apologized to the millions of Nintendo fans who were disappointed by their E3 '08 press conference, especially those who were "expecting to see... 'Super Mario' or 'Zelda'."

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Nitrowolf23769d ago

i was dissapointed
especially with Wii music
lol did you see that demonstration

Bloodwar3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

on a last gen gaming system with motion control... and not doing anything to get some good first party games out for the game system in the coming year? What gives?

Lifendz3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

what did you expect from Nintendo? Didn't they show you who their target market is by now? It's not the crowd that was disappointed with their press conference; it's the crowd that wants Wii music. The crowd that wants Wii fit.

You guys bought the Wii expecting the next Nintendo 64 (great console btw) and it's not anywhere near that. It's a console for the casual primarily with a very limited catalog of games for the hardcore.

Time to make an investment in a PS3 or 360 or get used to the next casual friendly slew of games from Nintendo.

Edit: Go ahead and disagree. That press conference was an absolute insult to the non-casual gamer and I think Nintendo shouldn't even be at events like E3 if that's the sort of conference they're going to give.

rexor07173768d ago

IF you already have a Wii and are disappointed by the lack of hard core, then move to a PS3 or 360. There is plenty there, and if Nintendo finally goes back to their roots for a game or two, you will still have the wii to play. But for a videogame enthusiast, a Wii wont do.

Bubble Buddy3768d ago

What are you guys talking about, Wii Music is teh most pwnage game out there. /sarcasm

[email protected]3768d ago

Yeah, it was horrible especially Wii Music... and that woman on the events PUPPY ARE CUTE blah blah blah' I was tuning off my speaker each time that woman goes into the stage o.O

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ZombieNinjaPanda3769d ago

Did you say the 64 was a disaster? Really?

It's probably nintendo's best console. Ever.

HAd some of the best games.
Starfox 64
supermario 64
Zelda games
Donkey Kong 64
Umm, can't remember the rest of the games in my posseion =P

cloudman3769d ago

Wii is not for us

In our eyes its a failure as a video game console, that has no definitve way of selling software

in the consumers eyes its a good toy

Mr Fancy Pants3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

not exactly a toy but a good business move. the focus to casual gamers it's what gave legs to their company since the disaster I called N64.

now nintendo it's drowning in money. who's giving money to nintendo? casuals. that means they no longer cares about cores.

ape0073769d ago


n64 disaster?

mario 64,turok 1 and 2,zelda:oot,banjo kazooi,goldeneye007,banjo tooei,jet force jemini,conker:bad fur day,shadow man,perfect dark(best fps ever IMO),donkey kong 64,killer instict gold,paper mario,zelda majora's mask,rayman 2,the world is not enough(ps1 version suck)
wwe:no mercy(best wwe game ever)beetle adventure racing,mariokart 64,diddy kong racing

all of this+more= disaster????

you sure didn't have one

the n64 IMO,the best video game console along with ps2

consoles today suck tbh

ChickeyCantor3769d ago

Fancy pants,
Stop using Drugs....really.

Voiceofreason3769d ago

@APE007, The library of games is not the reason the N64 is considered a failure by many. It was the lack of sales. the N64 was the most mature system Nintendo put out as far as games go. The majority of people just didnt care though. They wanted the casual friendly PS1.

ChickeyCantor3769d ago

@ voice,
ironic isn't it...

Mr Fancy Pants3769d ago

why i said a failure?

first: nintendo was last two gen since the N64

second: what games are you talking Ape? i could mention like 30 games from PS1 and from the genere that i like, Jrpg's only, without counting crash bandicoot, tomb raider, spyro and all the new franchise that were created during that time.

and yeah, believe it or not i was a nintendo fanboy until the Wii came. i have every zelda, mario and metroid games on consoles and i have beat every one of them; including zelda II: adventure of link.

i don't even think that any of you know more about Jrpg's from the snes than me. heck, i'm even totally sure that i know more about nintendo than the two of you...

what happens is that you're fanboys and can't see things clearly, that's all.

sl0w-m03769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

How the hell can you not recognize ANY of the games he listed? I even have all those games except a couple. If you think the 64 is a failure then you're either talking out of your ass, never had one, or you're probably too young to even remember it (most likely).

BTW i'm not even a Nintendo fanboy, I just think the 64 is the best console Nintendo made (I don't like the Wii that much)

nvm about the age comment I didn't really read your comment clearly, but if you had a 64 and still don't recognize any of those games Ape listed than that makes it even sadder

"the N64 was the most mature system Nintendo put out as far as games go. The majority of people just didnt care though. They wanted the casual friendly PS1."

Thats BS. How the hell are there more "casual" games on the PS1 than the Nintendo 64 which had Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Kart, etc you must be delusional unless I have the wrong definition of what casual games are

titntin3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

For me - the N64 was an excellent machine and I STILL play some of the great titles it brought me.

But a company does not exist to satisfy my needs. It needs to make money, and the N64 was a flop in terms of market penetration and making any money and was widely seen as a business disaster and the beginning of the end for Nintendo. Gaming heaven or not, doesn't enter the equation for shareholders and those responsible for running the company, its about cold hard cash.

The cube did little to turn this around financially, and many considered that Nintendo were going to go completely out of the running.

But the DS showed them the light. A novel feature set and a bunch of software that appealed to people well outside the normal gamer demographic was making them enough bucks to stay in the game and shift a lot of software.

They took this concept and brought it to there next console and the Wii was the result. You can't argue with the validity of what they did. They are sitting on a mountain of cash and have completely turned around their fortunes as a company.

I personally find it frustrating that they couldn't make this kind of success by catering to my core tastes as I want some of what made ninty so special to me in the past.
But the past is the past.
For all its success as a gaming platform for me, the N64 and then the cube, showed Nintendo that they were doomed if they continued catering to the core gamer market.
You can't blame them for making a success of their company, and much as I can wish they still made their hardware and software targeted at me, I have to accept that Nintendo no longer serve the core demographic and move on. I make do with the odd classic like Galaxy or Metroid and turn to the other two machines for my fix.

ape0073768d ago

the n64 IMO is much,much better gaming system than wii and ds which both kicked the hell out of n64 in sales

the n64 is a console for the ages

I can't even remember one game that sucked on n64(screw sales and marketing,people are stupid)

just look at turok 2 and now look at the new turok

look at the original perfect dark and take a look at pdz too see how much it sucks

today,even with next gen technology,there are too many games that sucks

even more didasterios

nintendo's own wii has 95% of its games that totally suck(see guys sales don't matter)

but the only n64 flaw was the lack of rpgs,fighting and driving games

and the cart space

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SoIid Snake3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

You should be. You just fvcked the whole gaming industry as soon as you released your Wii Wii.

linkmaster953768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

HA! Are you just saying that to distract yourself from the sales data that shows the Wii beating both the 360 and the ps3? Why would you spend time trashing other consoles when you could just trash people that trash your console?