"Dead Space" on Blu-ray Disc this October includes game cheat codes

Starz is planning to release the computer animated "Dead Space: Downfall" to Blu-ray Disc on October 28th which serves as a prequel for the upcoming EA (Electronic Arts) video game "Dead Space" - slated to be released a week earlier on PS3 (oddly enough). Above in the trade ad you'll find some full details on the release (click for a full view) and it's bonus materials that are set to include "Digital Copy" and exclusive cheat codes for the EA video game.

(full ad image attached)

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avacadosnorkel3472d ago

having a movie version along the game is cool.

Too bad they didn't use all the "Dead Space" on the games blu-ray disc to put the movie like Stranglehold did.

AllseeingEye3472d ago

I did like the comic book style downloads on psn. They were very intense.

Bazookajoe_833472d ago

Were they give you the game and the movie =)

Arsenic133472d ago

So its the animated comic remade as a actual film? IM IN!

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