XNA Creators Earn Up To 70% On Games

Microsoft democratises game development with XNA users earning up to 70% of revenue generated...

Already crusaders for the renaissance of the bedroom programmer, Microsoft today delivered further details on how hobbyist game developers will be able to make a career from XNA game development.

During a keynote address at the Gamefest 2008 Microsoft Game technology Conference, Microsoft confirmed that members of the XNA Creators Club will shortly be able to charge for their creations.

Games submitted by XNA Creators Club Premium members that have passed a vigorous peer-review, will be made available across the Xbox Live Marketplace. Creators will be able to charge between 200 - 800 Microsoft Points for their creations and pocket up to 70% of the total revenue generated.

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ENNO3796d ago

After having to pay for XNA and have no funding from anyone else they deserve 70%...its probably a better cut than most mainstream Devs get!

zonetrooper53796d ago

XNA is actually free though, the only part that costs is the membership of being an XNA member so in theory you could develop your game until its near release then pay for the membership and release it.

I seriously need to learn how to code soon, it would be a great way to make money.